SAE Australia offers a range of scholarships to assist students during their studies. Our scholarship program is about investing in future professionals and rewarding creative and academic excellence.


About our Scholarship Program

At SAE we support students in need and reward achievement, dedication and future potential. Our Scholarship Program is offered to commencing and continuing students.  

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2014 Scholarship Program.  

The 2015 Scholarship Program will be announced mid 2014 for the February 2015 Intake.



Creative Development Scholarship

The aim of this scholarship is to assist graduating secondary school students who can demonstrate a high level of talent and skills in creative media, and provide them with an opportunity to develop these skills and achieve their goals within the creative media industry.

Who can apply Commencing students
Intake  Feb 2014
Applications close  Feb 14th 2014


Scholarship Award

Recipients of a Creative Development Scholarship will be entitled to free tuition (40CP) for their third trimester of study (usually trimester 3 of year 1) of any degree course, or trimester 3 tuition fees for any full-time diploma course. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 17 years old (turning 18 in the year of commencement)
  • Completion of Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE) for degree applicants or completion of at least Year 11 from an Australian secondary school for diploma applicants
  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Applicants must be commencing students who have not previously studied with SAE
  • Evidence of high grades for high school subjects in creative arts (i.e. Art, Music, Media, IT)

Application Process

Applicants must submit to the relevant campus:

  • A completed application form
  • Evidence for meeting the age, secondary studies and citizenship requirements
  • A covering letter explaining the reasons for applying for a scholarship, which course they are applying for, what they aim to get out of their time at SAE, and why they should be considered for the scholarship
  • An extensive portfolio containing samples of work they have produced that relate to the discipline they are applying for*
  • Two references (from school, employer or both)

*As a guideline, you should include a traditional printed portfolio that displays your best design skills, illustrations and other work relevant to the course you are applying for. If you are applying for a course in Audio, Film, Games or Web & Mobile, we encourage digital media and games submissions, videos of projects, short show reels and links to any work published online.


Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarships Terms and Conditions

These scholarships are awarded in line with the following terms and conditions:

  • The recipient is the sole scholarship holder.
  • The recipient agrees to be profiled for marketing and promotional purposes. This may include providing photos and profile information for SAE's website, newsletters, advertising, posters, interviews etc.
  • The scholarship is non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for any monetary value whatsoever.
  • The scholarship entitles the recipient to undertake units of study from the awarded course only (it is not transferrable to another course or major).
  • Should the recipient fail any units during the term of their scholarship, they will be obliged to pay full tuition fees to repeat these units.
  • All outstanding tuition fees must be paid before scholarship commencement.
  • The scholarship is only available at the campus it has been awarded at.
  • The scholarship excludes the cost of any hardware, software or textbooks.
  • Vocational Excellence Scholarships are not available for certificate level courses or online courses.

Note: The Institute is not obliged to award the Scholarship if it is determined that there were no suitable commencing student applicants or continuing student candidates.