Start your career ahead of the game.

Level up from gamer to Game Developer and create the worlds you want to play in!

SAE’s Games Development courses will provide you with a pathway into this ever-growing industry through technology-enabled learning, and ensure you graduate career-ready.

Designed to equip you with real-world game development skills, industry knowledge, and mastery of in-demand techniques from Indie to AAA Studios, this course will help to set you apart from the competition.

Alongside learning the creative tricks of the trade, master the entrepreneurial skills it takes to become a trailblazer in the creative world.

Our small classes and collaborative online lectures led by gaming industry gurus will train you to use C++ and C#, explore a variety of genres and platforms, and take part in interdisciplinary collabs with other SAE creatives.

You’ll create industry-based projects using the latest tech and software like Unreal Engine, Unity, and Maya, so you’re confident in developing games across multiple platforms.

These projects will become part of your awe-inspiring portfolio of work, setting you on the path to success and helping you secure your dream role in the Games industry.


Career opportunities

  • Game designer
  • Game economy designer
  • Level designer
  • Simulation specialist
  • Analyst
  • Community manager
  • Systems designer
  • & many more


tools & software

Games Skills

Gameplay programming Game engine scripting Game design C++ and C# programming language Tools development

Is Games for you?

We have outlined some considerations and suitability recommendations to consider before you study Games at SAE.

  • a strong sense of creativity and imagination
  • a willingness and ability to collaborate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, including industry practitioners
  • have technical, computer and software skills
  • have critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • adaptability to changing technologies and industry trends
  • possess an interest in the societal, ethical and cultural factors influencing creative industries
  • a willingness to devote up to 10 hours per week for every 10 credit points you study. This will allow for scheduled classes, personal study and project work.
  • a keen interest in programming and software development
  • aptitude in mathematics and the application of various software platforms used to develop games and media
  • a basic understanding of game design principles and gameplay mechanics.

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We're here to help

We understand the personal nature of the creative industries and we get hands on with you. Our state-of the-art studios and industry leading equipment will provide you access and exposure to discover your creative voice. Smaller, interactive classes help to cultivate exploration and opportunities for collaboration. Our network of creative practitioners are available in person and online.

You have access to one-on-one support to help you on outcome-focused learning and work practice. You’ll graduate with applied skills, hands-on confidence, and contemporary expertise that is industry recognised and highly sought-after.

If you would like to find out more, schedule a call back with an SAE course advisor.

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