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So many of our students tell us that they felt they finally "found their people" when they joined the SAE Crew. SAE is a place that will nurture your creativity, where you'll be surrounded by other creatives who will inspire, challenge and encourage you to fulfil your full creative potential.
Seven people are featured in thumbnails - doing creative things - filming, drawing, storyboarding, mixing.
Two women are seated in front seat of car. A camera floats in front of wind shield with cables and monitors and lighting.

During your time at SAE, you’ll be mentored by industry-leading teachers who live and breathe their creative passion and understand what drives creativity in their students.

Our collaborative, project-based courses will enable you to work alongside students from a variety of different study areas, to produce creative work that mirrors the types of real world projects you’ll create once you enter the industry.

A group of people crowd around a laptop. The light from laptop lights up the faces of the people looking at it. A girl in the centre is the focal point. She is wearing headphones and also one hand on ear piece other on the desk in front.

What graduates say about SAE

Down to Create It at SAE
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With our industry connections, specialised teachers and personalised education in world-class facilities, you can unleash your creative future with confidence.