SAE Scholarship recipient returns to childhood passion for music

SAE Scholarship recipient recounts his early passion for music and how SAE enabled him to focus on the craft of making the music he loves.
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Jaagup Pai is an international citizen, having spent a large part of his adulthood travelling and working in London and then Melbourne. We got up to chat to Jaagup about growing up in Estonia, where his passion for music began, and how an SAE scholarship has helped him to explore his passion.

Hi Jaagup, why did you want to study for a Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production??

I was born in Estonia and I have studied classical flute and piano since I was six. I’m from a family who enjoy music. At college, I studied music and fell in love with jazz.

When I moved to London, I didn’t have an instrument so I started to look at the electronic side of audio and music and how production worked. Even though I loved music, I always found self-directed learning tricky while I was working.

Was that a reason why you chose SAE, to have the time and access to the equipment?

That was one aspect of it. The other is the international aspect. The fact that if I moved back to Europe in the next 15 years, my qualification would be recognised there. I also liked the fact that SAE is a global institution.

Jaagup's at-home Music and Songwriting workspace


What was the scholarship application process like?

It was super easy. The hardest part for me was how you put a lifetime of music education into 250 words. As I was considering this, I was comparing myself to people I studied with and how I measured up. When I moved past that, I was able to speak about the things that made me unique, and my personal experience and music journey.

What do you enjoy about making music?

Music is the first memory I ever had. Music has always infused with everything I do, because everybody around me and was into the music.
If I had to break it down, I like the fact that music is universal.

"I liked the fact that SAE was a global institution." - Jaagup
What genre of music do you relate to most?

I have strong influences with jazz and some elements of electronic music. I was really big into drum and bass as a kid. House electronic music and fusions of that inspire me.

Are there artists out there that motivate you?

I like FKJ for the projects they create. The live elements and how they fuse together their sounds is inspiring. Incorporating folk music in new sounds, to me, unites genres – both new and traditional.

Artist FKJ - inspiration
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