SAE Creativity Lights up the City Skyline


10 Sep 2018




SAE Creativity Lights up the City Skyline

10 Sep 2018

Student work is front and centre in Perth’s iconic metropolitan hub - Yagan Square. Located in the heart of Perth’s CBD, Yagan Square is a busy thoroughfare that connects transport interchanges, restaurants, green spaces and shopping.

SAE Film, Audio, Animation and Design students were invited by Screen West, curators of Yagan Square’s Audio visual tower and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to create public art installations that captured the essence of WA.

Deciding on the theme of River, the students had 12 weeks to create a public art installation that forged a connection to the WA landscape and both diverged and integrated within the urban environment in which it was shown.

Film Student Kaleb Woodward filmed his piece on a drone while on a camping trip with fellow students. The experience of seeing his work shown on a such a huge scale was an powerful one for Kaleb, “Having my work viewed by such a large public audience is so exciting, it inspires me to take my work to the next level. I know I want to keep working in the industry and just get better and better.”



SAE Bachelor of Film student Kaleb Woodward

Supervising lecturer Teresa Rizzo says this project is an innovative way for student’s to gain hands-on experience while working with a client on a high end professional production. “The workshops have emulated a production house environment in order for the students to participate in a real life industry environment. On a practical level this has meant working with a client, cross-collaboration with different disciples and working in production teams.”

This incredible opportunity for SAE students has led to the development of 3 poetic documentaries and 10 animations to be screened for an hour each day over a 12 month period. They will be shown on a 14 meter tall cylindrical screen on the 13 story high tower in central Yagan Square. 



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