8 Nov 2019

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8 Nov 2019

It's student takeover time! Last week Sarah Rooks and Bryony Zwart were part of the SAE crew that helped at the prestigeous UN event in Perth. Here, they tell us more about what the experience was like. 


The United Nations Association of Australia Western Australia or for short the UNAAWA held their annual UN Day Gala last week at the Duxton hotel. Students from SAE were fortunate enough to be invited along to capture the evening including interviews with the winners. Our involvement was to not only to capture the night but also help to create future publicity for the event. This evening was held to celebrate and acknowledge Western Australians for their accomplishments and impact in human rights, gender equality, education and environment. They also announced the winner of this years Young Professionals Award, Nkandu Beltz. Nkandu is a Zambian born  philanthropist, social change maker, author and inspirational speaker who took time out of her evening to engage with some of the SAE crew and acknowledge our work. 

We also had the privilege to speak with Dr Sandy Chong Yee-Ling, President of the UNAAWA. Sandy is a very admirable woman who inspires many people around the world to do better and be better. Listening to all these people creating a change in Western Australia was both empowering and encouraging. As students this was an incredible event to witness and be apart of, and set the standards very high for our professional career pathways. 

FILM Bryony Zwart

My role in this event was to coordinate with my crew, Magali Mcduffe (who was in charge and mentoring us), Alanah, Nikki and Adam, to make sure we captured every moment. We had two cameras on two tripods to shoot a stabilized and reliable version of the event, as well as two cameras roaming in and around the crowd to capture more intimate moments and close up shots of the audience. I managed to score myself the role of roaming around, which allowed me to get right up close to the stage, where everything was happening. This footage will be highly useful to create promotional content for any social media platforms and cut aways for documentary work.

Studying film at SAE has opened many windows of opportunity for me. Having the privilege to volunteer at a United Nations event and be involved with an organization as powerful as this, has been one of the best experiences I have had while studying. I was not only able to mingle and talk to the nominees and prize winners, I made connections that will be highly useful to me in my future career within Australia and Africa.

Walking through a crowd, holding a camera, filled with inspiring and intelligent people, has been great exposure and given me a taste of elite professionalism. The UN is something I have wanted to be a part of since I became a humanitarian, I admire how passionate and dynamic the organization is and I hope to be a part of it one day. 

AUDIO Sarah Rooks

The audio team consisted of just myself and Luke. Our role was to work with the film students capturing audio during the ceremony, the networking part of the evening and the interviews with the winners. First of all The UN is kind of a big deal no matter where you are in the world, and having the privilege to attend this conference has been an incredible and almost a once in a lifetime experience. 

Being an audio student it is rare for these opportunities to pop up which carry such significance. The opportunity to learn from Head of Film Magali McDuffie was a privilege and an unbelievable insight into documentary making. Also working on this project I’ve learnt that even though you take many precautions a room is never fully soundproof, especially one next to a gala. However, wanting to specialise in Post Production this was an incredible learning experience being out in the field surrounded by people wanting to make a change and working with a great team.



Author Sammy Stanford

Sarah Rooks

Originally from Melbourne, Sarah is currently in the final stages of her degree, Bachelor of Audio (Post Production) in Perth. Passionate about the finer details and the nitty gritty this aligns perfectly with her passion for audio editing.

Once she has finished she looks to build a solid career in post production taking on anything that comes her way.


Author Sammy Stanford

Bryony Zwart

Bryony moved to Perth 3 years ago to begin her tertiary education. She is more commonly known as Tiggy and originally from Zimbabwe.

SAE is where she began her journey to becoming a filmmaker, 2 years ago. Since then she has started to discover her passion in filmmaking and grown her interest and knowledge in helping people, especially in Africa.

She has recently been working on her capstone project in Zimbabwe. Tiggy is a vivacious, honest and hardworking person who is ready to be involved in anything.