Future Music Industry Network launches at Melbourne's SAE Institute


30 May 2016




Future Music Industry Network launches at Melbourne's SAE Institute

30 May 2016

The official launch of the Future Music Industry Network (FMIN) was held at SAE Melbourne, in association with Melbourne VR Community, on 26 May.

The FMIN mission is to facilitate the co-creation of a new music industry model through technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The first installment in the series was themed, "Why Immersive Technology Is the Best Thing To Happen to Music" and focused on the commercial opportunities of Virtual and Augmented Reality for music creation, distribution, consumption and education in the physical and digital space.

The event was headlined by thought leader Joel De Ross, who specializes in the commercial application of immersive technology in the music events industry. He was joined by music industry veteran and disruptive business leader, David Burkett, who described how VR is changing the music events and business landscape.

To get a sense of what can be achieved through immersive technology, check out this 360 video clip by 3D Artist Nouwl.

The next FMIN event will be held on Thursday, June 23 at SAE Melbourne, focusing on sonic dimension of spatial audio, haptic audio (feeling music through the skin) and immersive audio visualisation.

To find out more and RSVP to future events, visit: http://www.futuremusicindustry.com/#!fmin02/senxu

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