The cross-industry life of a Designer


10 Mar 2017

Andrew Bryant HERO



The cross-industry life of a Designer

10 Mar 2017

Andrew Bryant is a designer. He loves nothing more than learning how to create a digital product that will benefit people in the marketplace. Having graduated from SAE Brisbane with a Bachelor of Applied Multimedia (now known as the Bachelor of Design), Andrew was so inspired during his time studying at SAE, he decided to further his studies and went on to complete a Masters in Digital Design.

“The practical nature of the course at SAE gave me a greater understanding of how to learn new coding languages and work with cross-functional teams from different disciplines to complete projects. My course gave me all the tools I needed to hit the ground running and work in a professional environment across many creative sectors.

Currently Andrew is a UX (User Experience) Designer with Vicinity Centres in Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading retail property groups that specialises in the ownership and management of shopping centers.

His past experience has seen him work across a range of local, national and multinational companies for a variety of industries that include; healthcare, the arts, education, small business and the non-profit sectors throughout his career. Which just goes to show that a degree in Design can lead you just about anywhere!

When we asked Andrew to tell us about a few of his stand-out projects that he counts as his career highlights, he listed working at the Melbourne-based brand and design studio, Blueboat, as one of those times. During his time with the agency Andrew was part of the Skywhale Project, a public art commissioned project that designed the world’s largest flying sculpture in the form of a hot air balloon whale. As the project’s web developer and video editor, Andrew worked with his design team to bring this monumental idea to life and embark on it’s maiden voyage.

A close second career highlight for Andrew was an agency experience working with the not-for-profit client Homelessness Australia, who joined forces with beyondblue to develop an innovative resource for support workers to assist the homeless.  Tune In Now, is an online toolkit designed to help homelessness support workers to speak to men in their care about depression and anxiety.

“Working with people that have a different skill set to me, and together creating a project as a team is really rewarding, it's what makes me get out of bed in the morning!

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