Sydney D.C. Dr Adam Ruch Gets Published


26 Nov 2013

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Sydney D.C. Dr Adam Ruch Gets Published

26 Nov 2013

Games Lecturer and Department Coordinator at SAE Sydney, Dr Adam Ruch, has had his research published in a book titled 'Exploring Videogames'.

Dr Ruch's chapter is called 'Beyond Game-Fun' and was initially presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Videogame Culture at Oxford in the UK in 2011. 

Of the chapter, Dr Ruch has said, "the article is a good snapshot of how I approach games and game studies generally, so the ideas from that article have already shaped how I deliver lectures, essays and so on".

The abstract from Dr Ruch's chapter can be found below. 


This chapter outlines a case study of videogame analysis to demonstrate the necessity of an inter-disciplinary approach to these new cultural forms. Using Mass Effect, an exploration of the shortcomings of both ludologically-biased and narrative-biased perspectives is conducted. Following from this, the meaning of ‘fun’ is briefly explored, in contrast to other motivations that the player may experience, including dramatic satisfaction and personal goal-setting. In a highly complicated game such as Mass Effect, a reductionist theory of either style is unhelpful, but by using elements of both, a reasonable position can be established by which to illuminate the character of the game experience.

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