Sydney campus home to international animation student


4 May 2018




Sydney campus home to international animation student

4 May 2018


“At SAE the lecturers are so helpful and encourage you to achieve your goals. Studying with SAE improved my skills in a way that I could never have imagined possible.” 


International Student Story

Growing up in Taiwan, Rachel Tsou loved Anime and dreamed of becoming an artist. She decided to study animation in Australia with SAE as a way to pursue her passion for both Anime and art, as well as improve her English. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Animation in 2018.

Rachel was immediately impressed with both the latest technology and facilities available to her at the SAE Sydney campus and the lecturers’ dedication to ensuring students knew how to maximise their time in class.

Studying Animation at SAE

During her Animation studies, the Sydney campus acquired a 3D printer and motion capture equipment that Rachel was able to utilise in the development of her Animation, “Technically, I learnt a lot using industry leading software and hardware that is made readily available to all students on campus”.


At SAE students work with people from every aspect of the creative industries and those networks continue to add value well beyond graduation. Currently is Rachel working on a video project with other SAE graduates in a multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Living in Sydney 

With an accessible train line and a conveniently located campus, living in Sydney is easy for Rachel. She enjoys that it is a creative and multicultural city, where people are open to new ideas, concepts and opportunities. “Because so many people in Sydney are from around the world, you can learn a lot from everyone you meet” she says.

In the future Rachel is confident in the education she received from SAE, “I know with my skills can fit in anywhere within the creative industries, I look forward to where they can take me.” 

Rachel Tsuo

Loving what you do is Rachel’s key to personal success.

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