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31 May 2017

newsimageSarah WhittleHerbert



Study For A Day... a student's perspective

31 May 2017

Study for a Day (SFAD) is a great opportunity for secondary students to experiment with the creative media fields, and can provide great insight for those who are still unsure of their study plans.

Sarah Whittle-Herbert is a current Bachelor of Film student at SAE Brisbane who attended Study for a Day while she was in high school. She sat down with us to share her experience with the workshop and how it helped jump-start her creative career in film.

How did you find out about SAE's SFAD?
I was looking at universities online and saw it advertised on the website.

What year did you attend SFAD, how old were you, and what high school?
I attended in 2015, I was 17 and was attending Good Shepherd Lutheran College on the Sunshine Coast.

Why did you decide to attend SAE's SFAD?  Was there a particular course you were interest in?  
I was really excited to jump into my career and this opportunity to experience what the next few years of my life could be like was an obvious next step.

What was your understanding of SAE prior to attending SFAD?
It was a world renowned university with a great balance of fun people and amazing facilities.

TVC from Sarah's 'Ornate Moon Productions' showreel : Made in the style of the popular Super Bowl Doritos ads.

What was your first impression of the Brisbane campus, equipment and staff?
I had never been able to use proper lighting and camera equipment, so that was really exciting and I was amazed at how much there was! The staff and the overall atmosphere of the campus were very welcoming and it came across as a really fun place to learn.

Can you tell me about your experience on the day, what were the highlights?
Being able to get amongst all of the equipment and experience so many roles in the crew. 

Would you recommend SFAD to current high school students?

Do you have any advice/tips for students attending the 2017 SFAD?
As cliché as it sounds...don't be shy to get in and have go, everyone is there to learn and experience something new so make the most of it.

Did you find SFAD useful in your decision making process when selecting a higher education provider?
I already really liked the idea of studying here but I think it did help solidify my choice and added to my excitement.

How soon after attending SFAD did you enrol and start your course at SAE?
I enrolled to begin in February 2016.

Can you tell me about your time at studying at SAE so far?
It is a really supportive and collaborative environment. Everyone is kind and helpful and it's so much fun working with like-minded and creative individuals.




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