SAE student Stefano Deflorio is serious about games


17 Oct 2016




SAE student Stefano Deflorio is serious about games

17 Oct 2016

Stefano Deflorio is our latest installment in the Students of SAE series.

Currently completing his work placement for a company that trains construction workers to deal with hazardous situations, Stefano chats to us about his study at SAE Institute and how gaming can be used across different industries to solve real-world problems through play. Otherwise known as 'serious games’.

Which campus are you at?
SAE Sydney

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Bachelor of Games

What trimester are you in at the moment?
Trimester 6.

Who inspires your work?
Gamers are those who inspire my work, always needy for new experiences and always ready to move into a new adventure once the previous has ended. Amongst them, my partner Kin, being such an avid gamer himself, is the person that during those years has motivated me to follow my dream of developing games, improve my skills and explore my creativity.

Stefano Deflorio was a chef before he decided to study Games at SAE SydneyStefano Deflorio (far right) was a chef before he decided to study Games at SAE Sydney

Have you studied previously?
I studied to become a Chef while I was still living in Italy. I have always looked at professions that could stimulate and encourage my creativity.


What do you enjoy most about Games?
I enjoy all kind of games that make a serious effort to immerse me in the gameplay, storytelling, graphics and music. I strongly believe that having your player immersed in the game is very important when designing the game for people to enjoy. 

What do you love most about studying at SAE Sydney?
The possibility to work on teams to achieve a goal, while being supervised by lecturers who are actively involved in the game industry and can provide relevant and up-to-date feedback and mentoring. I believe that discussing design decisions, learning how to approach various issues that might arise during development and learning how to organise a complex project builds your experience as a game developer.

What is your favorite software to create Games?
Right now I have become quite accustomed to using both Unity and Unreal as engines to develop my games. Both are so rich in features and friendly to indie developers, I would struggle to say which one is my favorites, though recently I’ve developed my most recent projects with Unreal Engine 4.


What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of?  What did you produce in this project?
I've worked on a number of games and utility software in the past 3 years, but the most recent project is with the company 2and2.  I've been working as a one-man-team on a VR weather simulation prototype to train construction workers to deal with hazardous situations.

Stefano Deflorio - SAE SydneyStefano Deflorio - SAE Sydney

While my main area of interest is programming, I’ve always worn many hats in the projects I’ve worked on. I believe it’s an essential skill to have, especially in the indie environment.

Are you currently involved in your internship with 2and2, or have you recently completed this placement?
I’m still currently involved in my internship with 2and2.

Would you mind sending me a description of your internship and what areas/projects you've been working on with the company? 
I’ve been developing a weather simulation scenario, ultimately designed to be experienced in Virtual Reality using an Oculus Rift and/or an HTC Vive.  In the simulation the user can witness and learn about the consequences of ignoring H&S guidelines and regulations in a construction-related workplace.

Stefano Deflorio using an Oculus RiftStefano Deflorio using an Oculus Rift)

Were you working on educational games and VR?
Yes, education and training are one of the main fields at 2and2. The company is also interested in expanding into the realm of VR, and developing the simulation as I mentioned above.

Has your degree offered you any study experience in serious games or educational games?
While my studies as a programmer were mainly focused on the technical side of game development, we’re taught to consider social issues in media and develop software considering different kinds of impairments. A few projects I’ve been involved in at SAE required us to apply educational elements within the game design and structure. 

Who do you follow on social media?
I follow all the major companies dealing with VR and Gaming and a number of Tech review sites, Tested being my favorite.

Can you share a Spotify playlist/artist that inspires you?
One of my favorite artists is Lindsey Stirling, her music helped me through many times, good and bad.

The album "Child of Light" from Coeur de Pirate is what plays when I need to think.  I also think the game is superb!


Does your interest lie in non-entertainment gaming?  Would this be a career avenue you're looking into after graduating?
VR is the main reason why I decided to study game development. I see such potential in the VR space that I realised I couldn’t go on with life without being a part of it. I’m really interested in participating on any projects, game or otherwise, that harnesses the potential of VR.

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