SAE graphic design student shares graduate project


29 Sep 2016

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SAE graphic design student shares graduate project

29 Sep 2016

We feature SAE Institute Australia students from across the country - in all disciplines in our series called 'Students of SAE'. For this installment, we chat with Kim Hopper, a Bachelor of Graphic Design student, who recently took part in the 'Synergy' student showcase at SAE Brisbane.

SAE Brisbane student Kim Hopper

Which SAE campus are you at?
SAE Brisbane

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Bachelor of Graphic Design

What Trimester are you currently in?

Who inspires your work?
There isn’t anyone specifically who inspires me, I get inspiration from a lot of different areas: people, designers, creatives, magazines, advertising.

Have you studied previously?
Yes, I have a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science and a Bachelor of Business (Management).

Studying Graphic Design at SAE

What do you enjoy most about studying graphic design?
I like creating work that has meaning and sends a message to people. I like learning new things, new ways to get a message through.

What do you love most about studying at SAE Brisbane?
I think I have had some great teachers who are really encouraging and the other students in my class (who have been in the same class for most of the course) are all great. It's been good to go through the degree with them and bounce ideas off each other and work together on projects.

SAE Brisbane graphic design student work

What is your favourite software you use for your discipline?
I don't think I have a favourite but I have been using Adobe Illustrator quite a bit for my last few projects and am really enjoying learning how to use it more.

Kim's work

What projects have you worked on are you most proud of? What did you produce?
I'm really happy with how my last project turned out. I designed all the branding, collateral and advertising for a cafe called Grinders Coffee House. I think it looks really professional and I was able to develop the brand quite a bit (if only it was a real cafe).

Grinders Coffee House on Facebook


Who do you follow on social media?
The people I follow are all quite different. Lots of amazing photographers, cafes (because they seem to take some pretty creative shots and I like coffee) and a bunch of designers & design agencies. A few good designer ones are Backbone Branding, Ellen Porteus, Kim Becker Design, Christopher Craig, Thomas Danthony & The Design Kids.

What music are you into at the moment?
One group that inspires me is Pentatonix because they are amazing! It’s a bit hard to describe them but they are super talented, musical geniuses. Definitely check them out. 

Beyond SAE

What are your goals after finishing studies at SAE Institute?
I'd like to travel a bit - go to America and maybe the UK. Career wise, first I want to get a job in a graphic design agency because I think it will allow me to gain more experience in the industry and the opportunity to work with a range of clients. I'd probably like to do that for a few years and then I'd love to be able to go into freelance work where I'd have more freedom to work on what I want.

The This or That game

Converse or Vans

Coffee or Tea

Apple or Android

Instagram or Snapchat

SAE Institute Graphic Design

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