Student Profile: Felipe Cintra Cipriani

Byron Bay

3 Oct 2014

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Student Profile: Felipe Cintra Cipriani

3 Oct 2014

Student Profile: Felipe Cintra Cipriani
Course: Bachelor of Audio, Tri 6
Hometown: Brasilia, Brazil

1.     What got you interested in studying at SAE?

I first heard about SAE back in Brazil eight years ago when I was starting to DJ and putting my ears into electronic music. Some friends showed me some pictures of the facilities here in Australia and after that, I always wanted to do the Audio course here in Byron Bay.

2.     What has been the highlight of your time here at SAE Byron Bay?

The whole time at SAE has been a highlight in my life. Inside and outside the classroom, I’ve learned a lot about audio and life. The atmosphere of Byron Bay and SAE’s facilities were the perfect combination for me. Learning some "music algebra" content and decibel theory were challenging but necessary and it has helped me listen to sounds differently forever. Another highlight was meeting so many people from across the globe and learning about different cultures, musical aspects and approaches. And of course, working in the legendary SSL-K studio, one of only 50 in the world. That has been challenging but fantastic.

3.     What's your biggest musical inspiration or your favourite producers?

It's like they say, “The fruit never falls far from the tree." I would say my current big inspirations are my fellow Brazilian friends: Burn in Noise, Gabe, Altruism, Logica, Swarup, Alok, Xpiral, Gabriel Boni, Beep Dee, HNQO and many other kids who are showing that it is possible to chase your music dreams if you are dedicated and motivated.

4.     What are you working on for your Creative Project?

For my Creative Project 2, I'm working on a 4 track EP. I am incorporating techniques that I’ve learned during my degree, combining foley, sound design and 5.1 mixing as part of the musical experience. I will also merge electronic and acoustic and orchestral music in order to incorporate "real" and "programed" music.

5.     If all your dreams could come true, what would you be doing in five years time?

I don't want to sound cliché, but I swear that five years ago my dream was to be studying here and playing at some festivals. Since then I’ve played at some amazing festivals such as Universo Paralello, Samsara , Maitreya and Strawberry Fields. Crazy to think how it all happened in five years. I guess five years from now, without a doubt, I will be at the dance floor!

6.     So what's next for you?

Next for me is Music. Besides finally stepping up from DJ to producer, I also want to explore more aspects of the music scene. I have accepted a job offer in Brazil working at the Uprising UPClub which is part of the festival Universo Paralello. Besides being a great project with a lot of potential, the crew has always embraced me as family. Time for me to put some love into it!

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