Solving problems is a large part of studying games at SAE


9 Aug 2021

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Solving problems is a large part of studying games at SAE

9 Aug 2021

Jaden Romilio reflected that while undertaking the Bachelor of Game Development at SAE, the ability to demonstrate solutions to problems was as much part of his learning as developing the games themselves.

Jaden was also involved with the student game, Fizik, a project which is now available on Steam. Read on to find out more.

- student edition -

NAME: Jaden Romilio

CAMPUS: SAE Brisbane

DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Games Development (Games Programming)



What did you most enjoy about studying at SAE?

The main thing I loved about SAE was the practical learning. It made it exciting to come to SAE every day as I was always working on a project.

What is the best thing you got out of studying?

Having a hands-on approach to learning instead of the more traditional learning style of most places of study. Being able to learn my discipline from knowledgeable lecturers while also creating my own portfolio of projects was a major bonus as well.

Had you studied previously?

No. As soon as I completed high school, I went for the Bachelor of Games Development at SAE.

Can you share an artist or professional in your discipline that inspires you?

Cliff Bleszinski is my main inspiration in the games industry. His approach to making game mechanics feel amazing to play over anything else is what inspires me, and that approach was the main inspiration when I created my final project at SAE, Fizik.

What did you enjoy most about Games Development?

I loved working on projects that required us to learn new concepts. While learning new concepts, we were never restricted to create the exact same thing from one another, instead, we were able to create a project around that new concept.


What projects have you worked on?

I worked on several projects in both teams and independently. The project I was most proud of was Fizik.

Fizik was my final project and I developed it with two others, Jakob Houghton, a games designer and Harry Mackenzie, an audio student. For Fizik, I was the programmer and project lead. Most of my time was spent creating the mechanics of the game.

We were also able to release Fizik onto the Steam platform. 

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?

I’d say to someone considering SAE is to never expect to be able to complete a project the night before its due date. SAE will require you to show reflections of your work. I was never just creating a game at SAE, I was showing problems I encountered and solutions that I came up with to solve those problems.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with current students?

Always manage your time for your reflections! Learning from your mistakes is a big part of learning at SAE.

Who inspires you?

Cliff Bleszinski

Author Iain McManus

Joseph Staten


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