Short term courses for long term gains

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20 Aug 2021

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Short term courses for long term gains

20 Aug 2021

As industries continue to adapt to new technologies and methodologies of practice, the ability to take the time to learn the new skills needed to adapt or perform seem out of reach.

The creative industries,as well as IT, media and communications are requiring more upskilling and training to remain competitive and relevant in this fast-paced job- market. The real challenge for creatives is how to develop the skills required in the time available.

The answer may lie in short-courses and microcredentials. Increasing in popularity, short courses are a quick way to upskill and advance, a qualification refresh or an opportunity to learn skills in an area of interest over a short period of time.

Ranging from a few weeks to several months, short courses allow you to develop formal training without the commitment of long term study.

Whether you are looping to tap into your creativity or exploring a new field of study, short courses offer significant benefits with long term gains.

Quick study Periods
Short study intakes enable quick learning, often with flexible delivery methods

Career Progression
A short course can add new credentials that may influence current employment or future employment prospects

Networking opportunities
Meeting a new set of creative minds, will enable you to broaden your networks, expanding future opportunities

Industry relevance
Through upskilling in the latest technology skills through a short course, you remain abreast of the latest trends and requirements of the industry. This is key for media and technology industries with agile platforms

Tap into passions
A short course is a great way to get a taste of the industry, or new industry. Get creative and explore your passion whilst seeing the career opportunities available.

Continued Education
Many short courses sit as nested programs within formal qualifications. This means if you are loving your new interest, you can continue with credit awarded from the short-course units.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a new career, refresh your current skills or challenge yourself by learning something new, SAE has a range of Short Courses ready for you.

With courses available in Game Art, Graphic Design, Virtual Screen Production, Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as IT-Scripting, there’s a range of courses within the creative industries for you to explore.

In as little as 12 weeks, you can be upskilled and ready to take on your new challenge, what’s more, SAE’s short courses are Commonwealth Supported Places, meaning they are Government funded - so you can focus and study the creative skills- for less.

Places are limited. Hurry - start in September.