Scholarship success is just the beginning


11 May 2018




Scholarship success is just the beginning

11 May 2018

Lisa Smith was the recipient of the SAE Full Creative Media Scholarship when she commenced her studies in February 2016. Fast forward, and Lisa has just graduated with a Bachelor of Film from the SAE Perth campus. A model student, she was also awarded the Student Council Award and Dean’s Merit List Award.


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Receiving the scholarship in 2016 was a life changing moment for Lisa, whose showreel application impressed the SAE academic board. Being chosen for this honor gave Lisa a tremendous confidence boost in herself and the work she had been producing and her studies.

During her two years at SAE, Lisa completed extensive work experience with such events as Arcadia, FLOW Festival, Revelation Film festival, Emergence Creative Festival, and many more. All internship opportunities helped Lisa expand her professional portfolio and build her networking skills. From these experiences, being immersed in the event itself and creating a strong bond with the SAE team she worked with was Lisa’s most influential memory.



Lisa found that additional volunteer work with the Perth campus allowed her to create a different type of connection with staff and a new way to collaborate with students from other disciplines. Lisa believes that building strong relationships maximised her campus experience. 

Students who were at a further level of progression in the course were another invaluable asset to my studies, they were so generous with their time and advice. My fellow SAE students are just as supportive as the staff.

Full steam ahead and with the excitement of graduation behind her, Lisa is using her company Lisa Smith Media to carve out a niche market creating promotional videos for sporting clubs, utilising the skills she learnt creating promotional videos during her internships. Freelancing affords Lisa the opportunity to work directly with clients and with fellow SAE students with whom she has been able to build long term personal and professional relationships with.

With her company growing from strength to strength, every new video she publishes creates a chain reaction of another job, another contact and a new opportunity to explore a career that she loves.

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