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5 Jul 2019

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5 Jul 2019

Each year SAE supports exceptional applicants by offering a range of scholarship opportunities. A Full Creative Media Scholarship, a Full Indigenous Scholarship, three Partial Creative Media Scholarships and one Partial Masters of Creative Media Scholarship is available for those commencing in February 2020. 

If you need any further encouragement to apply, read on for some motivating scholarship stories below.

Will Smithers 2019 Indigenous Scholarship

 “I never thought my scholarship application would be accepted but there was nothing to lose. One morning I woke up, checked my phone, then proceeded to say "no way" for the next 30 minutes. I knew I was going to follow my passion in music production no matter what”

 Will smithers

Lisa Smith 2016 Full Creative Media Scholarship

Receiving the scholarship in 2016 was a life changing moment for Lisa, whose showreel application impressed the SAE academic board. Being chosen for this honor gave Lisa a tremendous confidence boost in herself and the work she had been producing and her studies.  A model student, she was also awarded the Student Council Award and Dean’s Merit List Award.


Bronwyn Harrison 2018 Masters of Creative Industries Scholarship

“When I received the scholarship, the overarching feeling was that all the blood, sweat and tears of working on my art had been recognised by one of the leading creative institutes in the world. Now that I am learning, it means I can expand my knowledge and creative practice and apply new and more evolved ways of being creative. Creativity is the new black and I like being at the forefront of creativity discourse and research.”


Gradi Masudi 2017 Full Creative Media Scholarship

Music has always been a big part of Gradi’s life. From a young age he was exposed to many different types of music which played a big part in shaping his musical identity.  The young artist started rapping at the age of 12, but it wasn't until he was 15 that he decided to take music seriously.  He started perfecting his art by carefully studying his music idols and taking music as a final year subject at high school. Cementing his decision to become a music producer, Gradi applied for the Full Creative Media Scholarship for a Bachelor of Audio.


Tahni Walton-Holmes 2017 Indigenous Scholarship

“I loved that with the indigenous scholarship the pressure of having a student debt over your head was gone. Since graduating I now create ceramics and work with One Vision Products mentoring indigenous youth who also have creative passions and endeavours but are not sure how to turn that passion into a career. I tell all my mentees what I would say to any young indigenous person wanting to apply for the indigenous creative media scholarship,  just do it, you have nothing to lose and could gain an incredible opportunity that could jet start the career of your dreams.”


Ava Knight 2019 Full Creative Media Scholarship

“I was so excited to have been chosen as the recipient of the full creative media scholarship. All through secondary school I knew I wanted to become an editor in the film industry and worked really hard so I could get into SAE to do a Bachelor of Film. Getting into The Bachelor of Film course was what I wanted more than anything but to be the recipient of a full scholarship was validation for me for being focused and committed in my dream to become an editor.”


Angie Davis 2019 Masters of Creative Industries Scholarship

Angie Davis is a documentary filmmaker and creativity coach. A self described digital nomad, she travels the world with her family to pursue her passion and adventure. She applied for the Masters of Creative Industries for the flexibility of study and was a recipient of the scholarship based on her body of work produced during her career. 


Rylan Kyle 2018 Indigenous Scholarship

“Receiving the Indigenous Creative Scholarship has been one of the most exciting things about my course at SAE, it is something I am very grateful for.  Not only this but I can use the scholarship as an extra to add to my resume and portfolio, and it helps to establish myself as an Audio Engineer in the creative Indigenous community. I highly recommend that anyone eligible for the scholarship apply for it.”


Feeling inspired? Scholarship applications are now open for 2020! For further information and details on how to apply, please visit