SAE Student wows at Falls Festival Lorne


20 Mar 2018




SAE Student wows at Falls Festival Lorne

20 Mar 2018

Current SAE Creative Media Institute student Alexander (Xander) Malual jumped at the opportunity to intern at the sold out 2017 Falls Festival Lorne. Xander directed the final and most popular acts of the night at the packed out Grand Theatre stage. His supervisors were so impressed with Xander’s performance, they have already expressed interest in utilising his talents again in the future.

Supervising Xander at Falls Festival was Samuel Jackson from Premium Media. Samuel had nothing but praise for Xander’s technical stage management: “It's rare we see intern students like Xander. He portrays a professional, calm attitude and excellent communication skills, all while taking unassisted control and making essential situational decisions.”

We spoke to Xander about his Falls Festival Lorne experience:

Congratulations on the amazing feedback you received from Premium Media! What was it like working at Falls Festival?

It was the coolest experience! Premium Media showed absolute faith in me, and when you demonstrate initiative they acknowledge that and give you the trust and the opportunity to execute your expertise. Working at Falls Festival was the best opportunity I could have asked for. Being there felt like I was apart of something greater than me as an individual and working with Premium was like being part of a family, creating an amazing experience for those attending the Festival. 

How did your education at SAE prepare you for the internship at Falls Festival?

Immediately, the skills taught from Week 1, Trimester 1 all played a part of the expertise required to successfully accomplish an industry internship, so when you are on site and in a real world internship situation you apply the exact same skills taught by SAE in the campus studios - just in a much larger scale. Going into the internship with Premium media I felt completely comfortable as the skills I would be applying were identical to the practical, hands on skills I learnt in class.

What inspired you to study Audio?

I have always been musical and I took the initiative to to learn via online tutorials, but I realised that it wasn’t enough. In order to succeed in the industry there was so much more I had to learn about back end audio and sound production. I decided to study with SAE in order to not only improve my skills, but to gain a much wider and comprehensive learning experience than I could ever achieve on my own. 

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