SAE graduate receives opportunity to work on new project with QLD Health


18 Jun 2018




SAE graduate receives opportunity to work on new project with QLD Health

18 Jun 2018

SAE Brisbane Bachelor of Animation graduate TK has been working with a team to develop an app in conjunction with QLD Health. The app was created to facilitate dialogue around palliative care within the Indigenous community.

The brief was to create a narrative based app for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to document their end of life choices, whilst informing them on the details around those choices.

The app is designed to gather important information for hospitals and health organisations, while being engaging to participants in a culturally appropriate way.

With special guidance, TK was able to work in conjunction with an Indigenous artist that helped advise towards the most effective visual style, an experience TK is thankful to have received while on the project. “The design revolved around having a yarn with an elder beside a calming river in the bush, allowing the dialogue to flow much like a conversation with a loved one,” said TK.

TK became involved after being referred by the head of Animation at SAE Brisbane Bill Zuber. Having also received a Bachelor of Games Design through SAE, Bill thought TK to be just the person that the project needed.

“It was a really interesting project that I was honoured to be a part of! The entire app had this lovely warm vibe that everyone seemed to keep feeding into as it grew so the art was a joy to work on. It was a great opportunity that I'm very grateful to have had,” said TK.

Since graduating in 2017 TK has been helping develop early stages of another app for a local academic crew, working as an artist on a kickstarter fan tarot deck and also currently working full time at Vmation, a local Brisbane web video production and marketing company. TK’s work in animation and games design has been interesting and varied.

On studying with SAE (twice!) TK says; “my lecturers encouragements and critiques on designs were very helpful. Having an idea is one thing, but being able to take another's ideas and solidify them into a piece is completely another. My tutors were especially helpful in concreting that kind of visual communication, which came in very handy during the palliative care project.”

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* Special mention to SAE graduate Matthew Neal was also previously involved in the development of the app.