SAE Games student invited to GCAP


22 Nov 2016

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SAE Games student invited to GCAP

22 Nov 2016

Melbourne student Etienne Gonthier is in his final Trimester of a Bachelor of Games Development. He was invited by Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), a premier game development conference held in Melbourne, to showcase a game he had developed at the Student Showcase event.

Etienne talks games, design and his future plans after graduating from SAE.

Etienne Gonthier SAE Games student GCAP 2016


Which SAE campus are you at?
I’m currently studying at the SAE Melbourne campus, but I’ve also studied at the SAE Brisbane campus.

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Bachelor of Games Development (Design).

What Trimester are you currently in?
I’m in my final trimester, 6.

Who inspires your work?
The gamers, game developers, and fellow students inspire me the most; for their passion and always searching for new experiences.





Studying Games at SAE Institute

What do you enjoy most about Games?
Making them!  In all seriousness, it’s extremely incredible what this medium can achieve with its design, narrative, music and art. I love seeing what people come up with to create those innovative experiences.

What do you love most about studying at SAE Melbourne?
Learning more about games. Since I started here I’ve learned about so many new games and it’s wonderful to explore all those hidden gems. It's amazing the quantity of games out there that have such interesting concepts.

Etienne Gonthier at GCAP 2016

What is your favourite software you use?
Probably Unity, the game engine. It’s very easy to use and I can make some great content with it.

What is your favourite hardware you use?
My good old ps vita. I can’t stop playing games on it.

Student showcase at GCAP 2016

Can you tell us about the GCAP 2016 Student Showcase you participated in and the game of yours that was featured?
After having made the game Color Floor, I submitted it into the GCAP Student Showcase contest. I was really surprised when I found out that I’d won one of the six places. It gave me the chance to go to GCAP 2016, exhibit my game to the industry, and meet some wonderful people. It was so rewarding gaining recognition for the work I did, and it gave me the motivation for future projects.

Students of SAE - game Color Floor

As for Color Floor, it's an abstract puzzle game. The objective is to set a matching number of colored tiles with a goal. Move around, paint the floor and challenge your wits with simple yet elegant designed puzzles while enjoying the calming soundtrack. Check out more about Color Floor.

There were also five other projects that were displayed in the GCAP Student Showcase.

We understand the game also featured an amazing soundtrack, produced by SAE students in the Audio discipline; can you tell us how this collaboration came about?
When I was designing the game, I saw an opportunity to enhance the user's experience with a soundtrack. After talking about it with some of SAE Melbourne's Audio students, they were eager to help me out. It was really great to have them being so interested in the game's soundtrack, and they produced a great result. I need to thank them for that!

Beyond SAE

Who do you follow on social media?
I follow games and board games news. Right now I really like the amazing shows from Geek and Sundry. Check out Tabletop – it's awesome!

Students of SAE - Etienne Gonthier

Can you share a playlist or artist that inspires you?
Being a fan of games, I love listening to their soundtracks on their own, especially an orchestral version of them. I also like the soundtracks to movies by Quentin Tarantino, especially Kill Bill and Django Unchained, and I listen to some other music from Ennio Morricone.

What are your goals after finishing studies at SAE Institute?
My main goal is to find work. I'll probably take a small break beforehand though to experiment with some of my ideas and maybe prototype some board games.

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