SAE film graduate gains global success


25 Jul 2016




SAE film graduate gains global success

25 Jul 2016

Main Image: Jeff Hahn (left) and producer, Roland Fraval

Film director and SAE Institute graduate Jeff Hann has achieved worldwide success from his documentary, "The Coffee Man".

The concept for the film began as his final major creative project while completing the Bachelor of Film at SAE Melbourne.

“The Coffee Man” has screened over 50 times in 20 countries around the world and recently won the best Australian documentary at the 2016 Melbourne Documentary Festival.  The film documents the story of Sasa Sectic and the search for his Holy Grail, the perfect cup of coffee. Sasa was an Olympic athlete, representing Australia in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Sasa Sectic at the 2015 World Barista Championships

The filming began in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee and follows Sasa to Seattle, Washington USA for the World Barista Championships.

Jeff said

“As documentary filmmakers, cinema magic is often created when you have no idea what the outcome will be. We had the raw ingredients; one man, with a powerful passion to produce the best tasting coffee, ever! Coffee is one of those drinks that unites us all”

Jeff Hann on Instagram



We chatted with Jeff about the film and his creative process.

What inspired you to make this documentary?

JH: I met Sasa (protagonist) and after having lunch with him was excited about the coffee world and how it ended up in my cup and wanted to explore this more.

What was the process from completion of the film to entering it in the festival?

JH: Since completing The Coffee Man, it's screened over 50 times in over 20 countries worldwide. We entered a few festivals in Australia and were successful with Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and are about launch at film festivals the US in September.

Sasa Sectic and Hidenori Izaki

Sasa wins the 2015 World Barista Championship - pictured with his mentor, Hidenori Izaki, the 2014 World Barista Champion

Did you make “The Coffee Man” with festivals in mind?

JH: No, the film has been a little different in that we have screened it multiple times already and weren't able to submit to all the festivals, as some of the big ones require exclusivity. This was because of the agreements set in place with our funders and also the timeframe.

After the success you have had, what's the one piece of advice can you would give to upcoming filmmakers?

JH: Follow your passion and follow the story.

The Coffee Man trailer


Find out more about The Coffee Man film

Facebook: @thecoffeemanfilm

Instagram: @thecoffeemanfilm



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