Meet The Masters - student Trent Bice

Online (Aus)

21 Dec 2020

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Meet The Masters - student Trent Bice

21 Dec 2020

This week in Meet the Masters, we meet Trent Bice, who is a postgraduate student who has a Bachelor of Audio qualification from SAE Brisbane. We chat to Trent about his experience at SAE and studying the Master of Creative Industries.

Meet the Masters
--- student edition ---

NAME:  Trent Bice

CAMPUS: Online

Meet Trent

What initiated your interest in this discipline?

To further develop my [audio] production skills to a professional standard so that I can make others happy through music, and improve my creative thinking and social learning environment. Access to the professional equipment at SAE and working with hungry students on a range of projects was also very appealing.

Will you continue to explore the same discipline in your postgrad studies?

Yes, however, I have been branching out into more film and documentary modules for personal and creative interests in my business pursuits.

Do you have a project/ creative endeavour in mind that you want to undertake?

I would like to make a full-length album, with music videos for at least two of the tracks, a behind-the-scenes “making of” cut to go with the release and professionally promote and market my music.

What drew you to work within the creative industries and become a creative practitioner?

Seeing how music can make people happy, and unite with a sense of love, oneness and wonder. I also wanted to channel my knowledge to a creative outlet which can help spread that happiness throughout the Universe.

What are your career goals for the future?

Continue to produce fun, thought-provoking music that entertains first, then educates.

To get paid to travel the world playing at leading festivals (when we are allowed again). I would also like to continue to expand my business to help educate this musical knowledge and positivity of these festivals and various genres throughout the community.

I plan to make more tutorials and highlight videos from our podcast and interviews series with leading international artists ( & to help aspiring artists learn from home, through the psychology and ideology of the creative process as much as the technical. 

I would also like to expand my presenting and acting skills, as well as film and storytelling into more on-screen and production roles. 

I want to help as many people reach their dreams as possible.


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