Meet SAE Brisbane student Lachlan Erhart


26 Dec 2019

Lachlan Erhart



Meet SAE Brisbane student Lachlan Erhart

26 Dec 2019

Film student Lachlan Erhart enjoys the real-world experience he is experiencing at SAE Brisbane, he has ambitions to take his industry ready skills to London after he graduates. 

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NAME: Lachlan Erhart

CAMPUS: Brisbane 

DISCIPLINE: Bachelor Degree in Film (Production)



What do you most enjoy about student life at SAE?

What I most enjoy about being a student at SAE is the intimacy of the classes. SAE is an intimate campus that doesn’t take on hundreds of students per degree. I found this to be perfect for myself personally as it allowed me to properly interact with my fellow students, as well as getting to know lecturers. This allowed me to learn more and build proper connections with industry professionals, rather than be one out of 200.

What do you enjoy most about your discipline?

I most enjoy the hands on and real life experience I received whilst studying film at SAE. I wasn’t just given lectures to read and that was it. We often had workshops and tasks that had us going and making something or planning a project or even getting real life work experience with professional filmmakers or film companies. I was exposed to the work of professionals, some of which were also my lecturers. This helped me to understand how I could work to create that level of professionalism, all thanks to the lecturers who weren’t just teachers, but real world practising filmmakers.

What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of? What did you produce in this project? 

I have worked on a variety of projects throughout my time at the SAE. I have produced short films, documentaries, TVCs, music videos and even an experimental film. The project I am most proud of is a TVC I did for a local cafe in West End. The owner was kind enough to allow my team and I to use his cafe for our assessment, as well as allowing us to go wild with ideas. We ultimately shot a Film Noir TVC to juxtapose the cafe’s cinema theme. Our end result was a beautiful Noir piece that allowed us to shine away from the modern form of cinema that we are so used to today.

What are your plans for when you graduate?

I plan to work full time within the film industry in Brisbane, before taking an ambitious step to travel over to London to kick off my career in the world of film and television


What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?

The only advice I would give to someone considering coming to SAE is to do it. The opportunity to not only study at such a creative space, but to be seen by those around you is crucial. I wouldn’t change a thing about studying at SAE. The fact that you are your own individual person, being recognised for your work by peers and lecturers is something that is difficult to achieve at the larger universities. It is due to this smaller scale but equal educational institute that has allowed me to form relationships with professionals that has already begun to open doors for me as my journey at SAE draws to a close. I would not have had the same life changing experience at a larger university in comparison to SAE. It has 100% prepared me for the real world of film and television. 

Do you have any helpful tips to share with fellow students?

Be present. Missing classes and not participating in class will only dampen then potential of your time at SAE. Ask questions, be involved, meet new people and form work relationships.This will help you become not only an excellent student but a more informed and educated creative. At the end of the day, university is to prepare you for the real world, the creative industry is all about networking and who you know... who knows where you or people in your cohort will be in 10 years time?

Can you share an artist or professional in your discipline that inspires you?

A professional that really inspires me is Robert Downey Jr. This is a man that has had a life of ups and downs. He, through his will and overbearing charm and kindness has risen from a life of drugs to being one of the most well known actors within the 21st century. His reputation as a kind, caring and humble human has inspired me to stay true to my own caring nature as I step into the world of film.

Who are 3 people you would invite to dinner, dead or alive?

Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans 


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