Meet graphic design student Mytharia Johnston


16 Jan 2020

Mytharia Johnston



Meet graphic design student Mytharia Johnston

16 Jan 2020

When Mytharia realised that the Bachelor of Fine Arts she was studying wasn’t right for her, she found a much better fit in SAE’s Bachelor of Graphic Design. Making the most of her time on campus Mytharia is busy with many projects and events including student council, the student partner program and volunteering on graduate work.

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NAME: Mytharia Jazz Johnston

CAMPUS: SAE Melbourne

DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Graphic Design



What do you most enjoy about student life at SAE?
One of my favourite things about SAE is how easy it is to get involved in extracurricular activities. There are always events to attend and projects to get involved in. I love being able to work at the uni as a student partner and make as many friends and connections as I can while I’m here.

Could you please tell us a little about your involvement with SAE campus life?
I am apart of the student council and the new student partner group. I have sat in on student and staff meetings as well as an academic board meeting with all the academic staff australia- wide. I have worked at the student exhibitions, info nights and orientation days as a tour guide and a library assistant. I have also volunteered to be apart of a few graduate student projects to make posters, logos, app icons and short animations.

Have you studied previously?
I started a Bachelor of Fine Arts course at VCA in 2018 but I transferred over to SAE after realising the course wasn’t right for me. Luckily I got to use some of my credits from that course to excel me forward a few units at SAE.

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What do you enjoy most about your discipline?
I have always loved traditional art and illustration and I love that although my course is very tech-heavy, my style is celebrated, and incorporating my own techniques is encouraged.

What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of? What did you produce in this project?
I am proud of all my projects because of the amount of time and energy I put into everything I do. But I am most proud of the projects that made me explore ideas and processes outside my comfort zone. For example I made an audio-visual essay for one of my theory modules and it challenged me because I have never edited a video before or recorded my own voice or been passionate about an essay topic, so when I received a HD for my efforts I was really proud of myself.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with fellow students?

1. The best way to ensure you make the most of your time here is to keep a planner/diary of all the project due dates and events that happen each trimester. I keep a detailed bullet journal with all my deadlines and homework on one page so I never miss anything.

2. Start working on projects as soon as you get them. I know this may seem obvious but it really makes things easier as projects pile up and often multiple classes have all their projects due in the same week. So working on them all last minute isn’t really an option.

3. Say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Teachers will notice and you will be the first to know about the opportunities you don’t want to miss. Such as paid work, fun projects and online features like this one.

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