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11 Dec 2019

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11 Dec 2019

Guess who’s had a makeover? Energy Groove Radio has a brand new look! Launching their sexy new website yesterday, the new home for all things Energy Groove is your place to get to knowthe hosts of programs such as The Music Weekly. 

The Music Weekly, is hosted and produced by SAE alumni Jackson Higgins and airs every Friday at 5pm Fridays. Jackson created The Music Weekly in 2016 as part of his internship with Energy Groove Radio during his final trimester of the Bachelor of Audio. 

The concept was originally a format in which Jackson would discuss the week in music, but as the program has matured, it has transformed to include artist interviews and the Live from SAE Sydney sets. 

While The Music Weekly celebrates music of all genres worldwide, it has a particular focus on the Australian music scene, festivals and artists. 

“While I have interviewed some great artists, my favourite so far would have to interviewing Jack from Perth band Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.” 

Jackson says it's a hard ask to pick who his dream interview subjects would be.

“I would have to break it into two categories. My dream Aussie interviews would be Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and Nick Allbrook from Pond. For international artists I’d love to interview Andre 3000 and Joe Talbot from Idles”

Jackson says that the interview process can vary from artist to artist,dependent on his research, although he already has a large knowledge of artists and music.   

“When I first started interviewing I did get quite starstruck, but now I’m learning to relax into it.” 

“The program has given me a place to voice my opinion; music is something I can talk about for hours.”

As well as talking about music, Jackson says he also makes his own music as a hobby and enjoys seeing live gigs at venues around Sydney. 

Jackson is keen to continue The Music Weekly long into the future. 

“I want to see how far I can progress with the show and see how it evolves.” 

Listen live and catch up with Jackson’s The Music Weekly and other awesome programs on Energy Groove Radio’s brand new website!

Since 2009, Energy Groove Radio has been your destination for the latest hit music 24/7!

Hear locally produced and international shows brought to you in partnership with SAE Creative Media Institute!

To round out what has been a huge year for the station, Energy Groove can now be streamed on iHeartRadio in Australia! 

In addition to this, Energy Groove's Catch-Up podcast service is now available on iHeart also - which is currently #1 in the world for podcasting! Listeners will be able to catch-up on Energy Groove programs from anywhere in the world. 

The platform has over 100 million registered users - with thousands of only the best live radio stations ready for users to stream anywhere, worldwide. 

Already an iHeart user? Add Energy Groove to your favourites! Find us here: