Introducing Cat 515!

Byron Bay

6 Feb 2019

containment Game HERO1



Introducing Cat 515!

6 Feb 2019

SAE Institute Byron Bay students studying the Diploma of Animation have had their first experience in applying their animation skills within a games setting. Impressing their tutor Brent McKee with the high level outcome they produced as gaming platform novices, the end result is a very sophisticated game titled Containment. 


With the brief of making a playable level with interactive environments, Containment features female protagonist, Cat 515’s journey through a laboratory after a science experiment went horribly wrong. The game level features different environments and foes that Cat 515 has to navigate and survive utilising a range of movements the class has created for her. 

Team member Craig was the designer of Cat 515, who he devised with a practical and unassuming Hazmat suit, Cat 515 is a world away from the Lara Croft stereotype that usually typifies female game heroes. 


Craig's concept art for Cat 515


Craig is a watercolour illustrator who decided to study the Diploma of Animation to diversify and capitalise on his current expertise, he initially found using the technology daunting but now loves the challenge and growth it brings.  

Craig enjoyed the team element of constructing Containment, “everyone had a part in establishing the creative and the storyline and it's amazing to see your contribution interrelate and form part of the big picture project,” he said. 

Through the Containment project, the SAE team who up until this point had primarily made content for film and television mediums, broadened their horizons to what is possible in animation. 

Now the students have completed their Diploma of Animation on a high and with a raft of new skills by creating Containment, they are going on to further their development in the Bachelor program. Brent says the students can now look forward to more games projects, capitalising on expertise they uncovered during the making of Containment such as more intensive character design with advanced facial and body movements and clothing effects. 


Creators of Cat 515: Craig Martin, Jackson Harenberg, Jasper Termytelen, Zac Perkins absent from the photo is Emmot Falconer


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