Introducing Ben Funnell... Your new SAE Byron campus manager

Byron Bay

16 Feb 2017

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Introducing Ben Funnell... Your new SAE Byron campus manager

16 Feb 2017

SAE Byron Bay has started the year by welcoming a new Campus Manager to the fold… we introduce you to Ben Funnell!

As a self-described strategic thinker who is committed to quality service delivery while being passionate about learning and growth, Ben has over 20-years experience in tertiary education.

Having received a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Ben's previous roles include General Manager at Navitas Professional Institute (SAE's parent company) and several positions at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, including roles such as; Business Manager in Accommodation Services, Senior Accountant in Financial Operations, and Senior Business Analyst in Business Solutions for the University.

SAE Byron Campus Manager, Ben Funnell

Aside from his impressive qualifications and vast experience in education, Ben has more impressively received the notable award for 'Most Tidy Desk, 2007' and lists the stand out project of 'Constructing lego jack-o-lanterns for Halloween' as one of his all time greatest achievements.

Having made the move from the big smoke of Sydney to the laid back shores of Byron Bay, please give a warm 'Jingi Walla' welcome to Ben!


What inspired you to apply for the role of Campus Manager and make the move to Byron?

The opportunity to combine some of life's passions in my work whilst also living in paradise.

What keeps you busy in your free time?

Well, last year I experienced life as a stay at home Dad to a newborn, I learnt to surf and also trained for an ironman triathlon.

Triathlete and Campus Manager, Ben Funnell

Who inspires you?

Anyone who faces a challenge with a positive outlook. Turia Pitt completing the Kona Ironman last year was pretty inspirational.

What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?

Seeing the personal growth and ultimately pride in our graduates.

Who do you follow on social media?

Amongst others, I follow 'Bad Dad Jokes'. Want to hear one?
It's Jamaican hair style day at work tomorrow. I'm already dreading it :)

Favourite band/musician?

I'd prefer to go to a festival and see 10 bands for the price of one. It must be the business studies coming out in me.

Top film of all time?

I reckon I've probably watched the Ben Stiller classic Zoolander more times than any other movie, so let's go with that.

Top animated film?

I got caught up in How To Train Your Dragon long after my son lost interest in it – it's incredible!

What was the last video game you played?

Probably Tekken 2 on the Playstation at a retro NYE party, or sword fighting with my 3 year old on Wii Sports Resort.


Converse or Vans - No shoes required up here, right?

Coffee or Tea - I feel like this question is a set up…

Apple or Android - I'm cranky at them both right now

Instagram or Snapchat - The count is probably about 5 photos to 4 in favour of Instagram


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