International students live the dream at Bluesfest 2019


10 Jul 2019

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International students live the dream at Bluesfest 2019

10 Jul 2019

Matheus Gobbi and Agustin Salvador are two international students studying a Bachelor of Audio at SAE Melbourne. Matheus hails from Brazil, Agustin from Argentina and this year they both got the opportunity to travel up to Byron Bay to complete their work experience at Bluesfest. Spending the five days camping on site, Matheus and Agustin fully immersed themselves in the festival experience. 

Matheus and Agustin worked back of house at Mojo mainstage with other audio students from Byron Bay. Predominantly setting up the equipment when the bands change over between acts, they worked closely with the Bluesfest stage managers. Matheus says that working at Bluesfest has taught him the value of teamwork,“I have learnt that you need to have a lot of structure when you’re dealing with a festival of this size. Handling eight bands on a stage and that's happening over 6 stages. The whole infrastructure, the way everything works and the leadership team trying to make everyone work as a team, that's really great,” he says. Agustin agrees with the value of the experience, “It's been amazing, meeting this group from Byron Bay, meeting different international students, getting to meet the artists and help them with their instruments and stuff is amazing. It's been really good,” he says. 

Both appreciate what the chance to work at Bluesfest affords to them, “It's a big opportunity to be at this festival, it's a really big festival for over 30 years so it's a really classical festival in Byron Bay. Being international and being here in Byron Bay representing SAE Melbourne that's quite big for me. I like it,” Matheus says. For Agustin to do this in Australia, far from home is an exciting opportunity. “I really get to put my skills into practice in a real life situation. So for me it's the best experience I could ever get out of SAE in terms of sound. It's very important,” he says. 

Agustin says that being far from home is one of the reasons he chose to study in Australia, “It's really fun because you get to know a lot of different cultures but feeling like you are at home when you’re not at home, it's interesting. It’s because it’s too far away from home. It's a country that we never talk about it , everything is always Europe or the US not Australia. It's a really different experience,” he says. Matheus also researched his overseas study options before setting on coming to Australia. “I’ve looked all around the world to choose where I’m going to study, I chose Australia because the weather is the same as Brazil. It's a place that allows me to study and work at the same time, so that’s great. The currency is not that different from Brazil, Europe would have been much more expensive. I really like Australia, the whole idea of coming to Australia  My eyes shine bright when I talk about Australia and I really like it,” he says. 

And for the boys, Melbourne is where it's at! “Melbourne is the city of art in Australia, so there is a lot of work there, a lot of films, games, music, so it's the best place for me to be,” Agustin says. Matheus agrees, “I love Melbourne, because it's a really active city, there’s always things happening and there's a lot of space to work and a lot of opportunities and the industry is massive, all the lecturers are really good, they try to get us in contact with the industry and all those things count a lot for me,” he says. 


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