Indonesian students pursue their dreams

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21 Oct 2019

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Indonesian students pursue their dreams

21 Oct 2019

SAE Creative Media Institute in Australia and Jakarta have an established and successful student pathway program. The initiative allows students to commence their studies in Indonesia and they can choose to complete their degrees at SAE campuses in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Auckland. The program has integrated learning pathways in film, audio and animation.

Since 2017, almost 20 Indonesian students have either completed, or are currently taking advantage of the pathway program. Five of these students, Euen, Kiani, Julian, Michelle and Syifanisa, are currently studying a Bachelor of Film in Sydney after first completing the Diploma in Jakarta.

The students discovered the program while researching their study options in Australia and were all excited that they could have a continuation of their education at the same institution in two countries.

Julian enjoys mixing with students from different study disciplines and just wants to be open to learning new things and Kiani agrees, stating that there has been lots of new and exciting experiences while in Australia. 

And while each student has an undeniable passion for film, their goals for the future are varied.

Syifanisa has an interest in long form features and enjoys being both behind the camera as well as directing.

Euen wants to open a production house and act as a director and producer, having her own company will allow her to express lots of creativity in different genres such as music videos, ads and short films.

Julian, who is currently doing film freelancing work while studying says there is a different approach to the industry in Australia. By having an understanding of these subtle cultural variance, he is in a position to facilitate collaborative productions between Indonesia and Australia.

Kiani says it's a really exciting time to be involved in the film industry in Indonesia, especially as home-grown produced cinema is growing. She wants to bring her learnings from Australia home and inspire new generations wanting to work in film studios. 

Euen also says its important to her not to forget her origins, Indonesia’s individual voice and unique cultural landscape.

Aside from their studies, all five students have settled into Sydney with ease and were looking forward to spending more time exploring NSW and beyond.