Fun times with Byron Bay Animation

Byron Bay

2 Apr 2014

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Fun times with Byron Bay Animation

2 Apr 2014

We spent some time with Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation) students Matt Halloran, Toby Barron, Rory Didelin and Olivier Marcolin this morning to find out about their SAE experience and hopes for the future.

Lead by lecturer Nigel Haslam, who has worked on a few small films you may know, including the Matrix, The Knowing and Thin Red Line, these students are earning their stipes under one of the best with over 20 years industry experience.

The class has recently moved from their last module in 3D modelling using Maya® into 2D compositing tools. This gives them the ability to merge 2D and 3D skills and apply the keyframe animation approach to 2D layers in motion graphics.

With interests and ambitions ranging from storyboarding to rigging, writing and 3D modelling, this group has it all. With a filmmaker also in their midst, they make an unstoppable team.

“The industry connections in this room alone are something we’ll all take away from this course. We’re all interested in such diverse areas that we’ll all become very important contacts for life,” Rory says. 

While Olivier already has his self-confessed “dream job”, Rory has been offered an internship at Fin Design, one of the top visual effects and post-production companies in the country. With Matt and Toby honing their skills in 3D modelling and storyboarding, they’re sure to follow suit.

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Students Matt Halloran, Toby Barron, Rory Didelin and Olivier Marcolin (front) with lecturer Nigel Haslam (right).


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