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28 Jan 2020

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28 Jan 2020

With Flickerfest’s opening weekend in Bondi freshly wrapped up, now is the time that the festival packs up and heads on tour around Australia for the next 6 months. 

Festival Director and Distribution Manager Bronwyn Kidd accompanies Flickerfest as it makes its way across the county and presents the short films to the local audiences at most tour locations around Australia. 

Bronwyn and Shane Rennie, Flickerfest’s Production and Tour Manager try to attend as many tour locations as they can in an effort to connect with both regional and urban communities. Connecting the filmmakers with their local audiences is also important and where they can Flickerfest will always screen films to the locality in which they were produced. 

This isn’t Flickerfest’s first run around the block, the festival has been taking their short films on tour around Australia for over 20 years, originally starting with only three venues, including Byron Bay. Bronwyn and the Flickerfest team now receive emails from over 50 regional areas a year asking to be added to the tour schedule and each year Bronwyn and Shane try to add another one or two towns to their tour itinerary.

Although a seemingly exhausting tour schedule that takes many months of the year, Bronwyn wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“Flickerfest really resonates with audiences because in all our selections we try to engage with fresh, creative and innovative filmmaking. The local screenings are also popular because there is incredible diversity in the works shown and the audiences love the opportunity to connect with and support their local filmmakers.” 

In conjunction with the Flickerfest tour, Bronwyn has also been presenting her series of masterclasses, exclusive to SAE, at our campuses around the country. 

Bronwyn cherishes the opportunity to share her extensive experience with aspiring and established filmmakers alike. 

“I recognise that it can seem difficult for emerging filmmakers to get a start and I really want to give those who are a bit unsure how to move forward the confidence to break into the industry.”

“I love the discovery of new talent and encouraging new voices. The festival and masterclasses combined give a perfect platform for emerging talent in film. Engaging with passionate and excited filmmakers face to face really inspires me. It’s what has continued to drive my commitment to Flickerfest for over 20 years, ” Bronwyn says.

Attendees will walk away from Bronwyn’s masterclasses with more assurance in how to present their films, knowledge in how festivals work, how to make their application stand out and how to engage with the industry. 

Bronwyn will present her 2020 masterclasses at the following SAE campuses:

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SAE are proud sponsors of Flickerfest Film Festival 2020

* Header image Production & Tour Manager Shane Rennie and Festival Director Bronwyn Kidd from Flickerfest.