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16 Mar 2020

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16 Mar 2020

SAE graduates Luca Fox and Natalie Grube have just produced the film clip for ‘Like a Diamond’ by Brandon Dodd feat. Kasey Chambers. 

Luca described the shoot, that took place at an abandoned homestead in the Byron hinterland, as one of the best he has experienced.

“Nat has been friends with Kasey for many years, we got in touch with her after we founded our company Eye Design Films and that's how we ended up producing the video clip and a promotional video for clothing label Poetry by Kasey and Renee,” Luca says. 

Meeting at SAE in Byron Bay, Luca and Nat both graduated with a Bachelor of Film in 2018. 

Following graduation, Luca began working full time with Uplift, a role he secured whilst studying at SAE, but during this time, he and Nat continued to collaborate on various projects. 

It was during his time with Uplift that Luca traveled to Israel for a shoot and met with American Spoken Word Artist, Activist and Motivational Speaker Prince EA who has over 5 million subscribers on Youtube. This encounter was revolutionary for Luca, and he realised that now was the time for him to go out on his own. 

While Luca said it was great to be able to work full time after graduating, he always wanted to start his own company, taking the plunge in 2019, Luca and Nat founded Eye Design Films.  

Both Luca, who grew up in the Byron Shire, and Nat, originally from Norfolk Island bring a unique perspective to their projects. The pair also share the majority of roles on set, often co-producing, writing and directing their films. Luca says that he and Nat each bring complementary skills to the partnership and balance each other, they are also mostly in sync with one artistic vision. 

Luca says that Nat has also taught him to go with the flow more while on set. 

“I really enjoy world-building, that's why I wanted to be a director! But while you have to have a solid plan, you also have to learn to be adaptable on the day, the best content can come from these moments of unpredictability.”

Always knowing that he wanted to be a film director Luca made his first film at 14, enlisting his friends to help crew his projects while Nat came from an extensive copywriting background. 

Luca and Nat also love to collaborate with other local graduates of SAE and believe that the more collaboration we can have on their films the better.  

With business booming in 2020, the leap of faith taken by Luca and Nat to start Eye Design has paid off. The pair have big ambitions, something they are conscious of with each new project that they take on and Luca and Nat continue to work on passion projects with the goal to create longform narrative pieces.

With festival winning short films under their belt such as AFK, Act Natural and Distortia under their belts, Luca has some sage advice for aspiring filmmakers and freelancers. 

“Have confidence in your abilities, even though you don’t feel self-assured at the start - it will come. It can also be confronting to find your own voice as a freelance filmmaker but also extremely rewarding.” 

“It can also be difficult to mix business with your art, but you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other, the two can co-exist. You also don’t need to feel like you are sacrificing your values as an artist by chasing success. Financial freedom actually helps rather than hinders the creative process, it means you have the liberty to make the films you want to make.”


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