Film class wins NSW Health initiative competition


12 Jun 2018




Film class wins NSW Health initiative competition

12 Jun 2018

An SAE Sydney Bachelor of Film class has won a NSW Health campaign competition with their commercial It’s In Your Hands.


The competition was brought to the students of SAE through the campus Industry Liaison Coordinator, and was adapted as part of the course work for the 2nd trimester film class who are still in their first year of study.

Film lecturer Renee Brack gave the students a generous amount of creative reign over the commercial said Caleb Rodda who was the producer on the project. “This really meant that we had the chance and confidence to flourish independently.”

“Under the encouraging guidance of Renee, the student team was strong as a working unit. Everyone chipped in and everyone had an equal voice, that cohesion made the process a smooth one,” said Caleb.

Working to a specific brief consisting of creating a 30 second commercial based on the theme “Don’t spread the flu’ and to include the compulsory message “It’s in your hands”, the students had self confessed ‘blind faith’ in their initial concept and ran with it.

From pre to post production the entire project was completed within 3 weeks - a testament to the hard work and skills of the entire team said director Savio Tan.

“Part of our success comes down to market research” said Savio. “We really made sure the commercial was in line with the NSW Health brand, it was a great lesson learnt going forward just how much that extra effort makes a difference to our work.”

The class has united under the name of 8 Plus Productions and this was the first television commercial they have produced.


It’s In Your Hands - NSW Health Commercial 

Executive Producer

Renee Brack


Savio Tan


 Caleb Rodda

1st Assistant Director

 Deanna Devi

Director Of Photography

Cooper Lindsay

Art Director

Chloe Steel

Audio Technician

Pritish Kumar


 Brynn Case