SAE Byron Bay Diploma of Design Student Carmen Goodwin

Byron Bay

31 Jul 2020

Carmen Goodwin



SAE Byron Bay Diploma of Design Student Carmen Goodwin

31 Jul 2020

Endlessly creative design student Carmen draws inspiration from the greats such as Florence Broadhurst for her own textile and wallpaper design business. Carmen has an affinity for knitting, proving that she can’t help but be creative, even in her down time.

- student edition -

NAME: Carmen Goodwin


DISCIPLINE: Diploma of Graphic Design (going on to Bachelor)



What do you most enjoy about student life at SAE?
Being able to learn new skills from great teachers who encourage us to do our best.

What are your plans for when you graduate?
When graduating I am looking for freelance work in the design industry, so I can finance my own company designing wallpaper and textiles.

Can you share an artist or professional in your discipline that inspires you?
Florence Broadhurst is a designer I admire, as well as Ellie Cashmann’s designs. There are too many artists to name, but another designer I recently discovered, and who’s style I admire, is Emma J. Shipley.

Carmen Goodwin Love

Could you please tell us a little about your involvement with SAE campus life?
So far, I have sat in on a board meeting and found it was a great way to give feedback to the teachers and staff. It also made me aware of how many roles there are at SAE and what it entails to run the campus smoothly. For the upcoming trimester I have taken on the role of student partner, helping other new students finding their feet at campus is something I really look forward to.

Have you studied previously?
I have completed an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE in 2018. This inspired me to study further and build on the skills that I started exploring during the Advanced Diploma.

What is your favourite software you use?
My favorite software would be the three main Adobe programs I’m using at the moment, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of? What did you produce in this project?
For one of the modules, I joined a month-long drawing challenge and learned so much about digital drawing in Photoshop. I am proud of the body of work I produced at that time and that I actually sat down and completed 29 drawings.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?
To be open minded, willing to learn and to ask when help is needed. And to get involved with things like student council and board meetings.

What is Orientation and the first day of SAE like?
It can be a bit overwhelming to soak up all the information given at Orientation but the staff are super helpful and approachable. The first day of study is another day of lots of info and getting to know the teachers and fellow students.

What is the best fun fact about yourself?
I love knitting

Carmen Goodwin Rainforest

What have you accomplished that you are most proud of?
Coming to Australia 18 years ago, learning English and creating a beautiful life in this country. Also having my son and raising him for the last 11 years…watching him grow into an amazing person!

Who are 3 people you would invite to dinner, dead or alive?
Definitely Florence Broadhurst, apparently, she had amazing parties at her house. She would be an amazing person to spend an evening with and pick her brain. Florence from Florence and the machine because I absolutely adore her, and Amma, the hugging Saint. I would love to just be in her presence and give her a big hug and have a chat with her.

Carmen Goodwin Reflections


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