Beth Yen finds success as deep as the ocean


13 May 2019




Beth Yen finds success as deep as the ocean

13 May 2019

Beth Yen is an ARIA chart topping Producer, DJ and SAE Creative Media Institute graduate. Beth talks to us about ARIA chart success with her single Ocean, supporting some of dance music’s biggest artists and inspiring women and the LGBTQI+ community to get involved in the music industry. 

Hi Beth, thank you so much for chatting with us! Firstly, what is it about EDM that you love so much?

All my life I loved music. Growing up, music was a form of escapism, and I found comfort in it. Music matters to me.

I love House music and have loved it ever since I heard it for the first time on the radio back in the UK as a teenager. It really resonated with me, I was addicted to how it made me feel.

Could you please tell us a bit more about your style of EDM that you produce and DJ specifically?

I play and produce House Music, which is the only genre that really matters in the dance world haha. You don’t have to understand it you just gotta feel it.

You have performed along some pretty influential people in the industry, could you name drop some of these producers and DJs and tell us what some of these experiences have been like?

 "Over the years I have supported the likes of Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Chicane, Duke Dumont, Disclosure, Seth Troxler, Claptone, Faithless and more."

I can get a little nervous before doing a set supporting a DJ or producer that I’ve admired for years and who has influenced my sound. I was particularly anxious but excited to meet Chicane because I grew up listening to all of his records and loving every single one of them. But when I met him for the first time in Ibiza on a Pukka Up boat party where we were both booked to play, he was one of the nicest & down to earth humans I had ever met!

What does it mean to you to reach number one on the ARIA Club Chart with your single Ocean, and to have done it by knocking Calvin Harris off the top spot?


Knocking off the King of dance music was a pretty awesome feeling. Having my peers recognise and support my single means the absolute world to me. It’s a huge achievement and it’s one I’m very proud of. I’m also really proud everyone in the industry has jumped on board and celebrated what I’ve achieved.

You have spoken about your hope to inspire women and the LGBTQI+ community to get involved with the electronic music industry, could you please explain further why this representation is so important?

As someone who is part of the LGBTQI+ community, I feel that although the industry is changing for the better, we are still underrepresented and as a woman in the music industry, some issues need to be addressed and conversations to be had. Though on face value, it may seem that the music industry is filled with inspiring and prolific women, it remains embarrassingly lopsided when it comes to gender parity. There have been recent studies done on this issue, and they found that women entering the music industry in Australia are at a disadvantage and only represent a third of employed musicians in Australia. So, there is still much work to be done in terms of fighting for women of all ages, all social backgrounds and communities to be embraced and championed by this industry, both in front and behind the scenes. We need to promote the women who are doing well so that the next generation feel that music is a viable career option and open to everyone.   

What did you find most valuable about your time at SAE that you have carried with you as you progress in your career?

I was very fortunate to have great teachers at SAE Sydney, particularly Dean Belcastro who was very approachable and friendly.

Over the years Dean & I have become great friends, he’s a fantastic audio and mix engineer and has worked on many of my records, helping me get the most out of my production. He worked tirelessly on my No.1 single “Ocean feat The Baroness” ensuring it was the best it could be. It was a record that involved a lot of love and patience to finish and I’m so happy we got there in the end.

My course taught me how to structure my work flow and get ideas down quickly, I still use the template they gave in class today.

What advice do you have for those looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

Make sure you know why you want to get into music and believe in what you’re doing and that can take time. Learn about how the business works and be prepared to wear many hats. Be diligent, be consistent and produce quality music. Most importantly have a good attitude, have fun and enjoy the journey!

Where can we catch you live in the coming weeks/months?

  • May 17th – Jamie Jones show @ Home Nightclub, Sydney
  • June 1st – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
  • June 14th – The Mill House, Melbourne
  • June 22nd – Patrick Topping show @ Ivy Sydney
  • June 29th- Boy George show @ Ivy Sydney
  • August 24th – Fat Controller, Adelaide.

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