Are you a female future creative? Then tell Taival!


27 Nov 2018

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Are you a female future creative? Then tell Taival!

27 Nov 2018

Four students who loved working together while studying at SAE Creative Media Institute Melbourne, formed their own production company Taival Films after graduation. Taival, translating as ‘journey’ in Finnish, was founded by film graduates Heidi Ylä-Ajos, Melisa Visca and Chris Michael and audio graduate Bianca Molini. 

Their project has been a success and in an effort to give back to the film community, Taival Films has launched the Future Creatives Initiative in partnership with Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF). 

When Heidi came up with the concept for Future Creatives, she pitched it to SAE film lecturer and MWFF Director Sian Mitchell. The idea excited Sian and subsequently MWFF implemented the initiative as part of their 2019 program. 

The winner of the initiative will be awarded with the 'Emerging Screenwriter Award 2019' and will have their screenplay produced by Taival Films with a production budget of $5,000. This landmark Initiative is the first of its kind, developed exclusively for female screenwriters. 

The four founding members of Taival recruited more SAE affiliates to help make Future Creatives a reality. Tory and Brydi (Current Diploma of Film students) are the collective’s dedicated content creators and Daizy (Audio graduate) is head of location sound. 

With the team behind her vision, Heidi believes in the strong impact that Future Creatives can have. “We hope to discover untapped potential and talent. It is important to me as a female in the industry that we support other women so they too have a chance to get a foot in the door, ” she says. 

Submissions are now closed.

The selected shortlist will then pitch their ideas to the three industry panellists at the 2019 MWFF festival event and each panelist will choose one screenwriter to mentor for two months. From this relationship a winner will be chosen to have their film produced in time to be premiered at MWFF 2020. 

Submissions are open to everyone, even those with no formal education in film. The competition aspires to give everyone a chance to an opportunity, an outlet and a voice.  

You can keep up to date with Future Creatives socially! Follow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for updates. Visit the website to learn more and to submit your script.

You can also follow Taival on Instagram,  Facebook, Vimeo,  Twitter and LinkedIn 

Header Image by Jordan Montgomery. Clockwise from Back Left, Future Creatives’ Bianca Molini, Daizy Muriithi, Tory Brennan, Melisa Visca, Heidi Ylä-Ajos, Brydi Frances and Chris Michael.