Angela Fleming is a Director to Watch


22 Nov 2017




Angela Fleming is a Director to Watch

22 Nov 2017

Angela Fleming is two months from graduating with a Bachelor of Film from SAE Brisbane and already her final short film is getting buzz. Angela’s film JADE is set in the 1960s and tells the story of a 12-year old girl who is trying to escape from her adopted father — Angela wrote it as a feature film and has condensed it with a team of 15 into a short film that is now gaining the attention of media with its exploration of social themes of domestic abuse, depression and anxiety. A forthcoming profile of Angela and the making of JADE will run on ABC TV. And as though finishing her studies and seeing JADE through to post production weren’t enough, Angela also launched her own production company, Alegna Entertainment for which she travels nationally creating corporate and creative videos and projects for a variety of clients.

On her path, Angela has created an array of short films and documentaries, including an award-winning music video titled Apparition for local artist Taylor Payne. The video was shown at festivals worldwide and was so compelling, Angela got some love on Twitter from none other than Director X, who directs videos for Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. “It was quite exciting,” says Angela, who took some moments from her busy schedule in the studios of SAE Brisbane where she and her team are readying JADE for release to festivals.

Congratulations on JADE. Can you tell us how the film has evolved?

JADE began three years ago whilst completing my diploma in Screen and Media from New York Film Academy, and I quickly realised the scope of the film was unachievable at the time. This allowed me to expand the concept over the next few years and develop it into a feature length production. As I was preparing for my final assessment at SAE, I realised there was a great opportunity for me to break down the script and focus on one aspect of the story in a short film format. With the support of my lecturers and an incredible, hard working crew, I knew the time was right to venture into this story.

What do you love most about SAE?

SAE provides a great balance between practical and theory. Our lecturers ensure assessments and productions are collaborative, professional and run to the highest of standard. Every task I have set out to achieve, I have the full support and encouragement from lecturers and the opportunity to work with highly professional and motivated peers, who I hope to continue to work with for years to come.

What advice would you give to students in their time at SAE?

What you achieve at SAE is completely up to how much you are willing to put in. I’d encourage to look at assessments not just as gradings but more an opportunity to further your professional career. Tackle every challenge not to a university standard but in the way you would approach a real life, industry standard job. The lecturers and the classes will only teach you so much, it is up to you to go above and beyond, work hard towards your goals outside of university and take advantage of the incredible lecturers and facilities SAE has to offer.


On set: Summer Robertson as Jade

What advice would you give to students aspiring to become successful in film?

I am a firm believer in always following your instincts. Not everyone will support your ideas but if you believe in what you are producing, then not only will the crew and cast enjoy and learn from their experience but the audience will also feel the passion you bring into your production. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, take risks and above all things love what you do and find a group of people who are equally passionate and in love with their craft.

What are your career highlights so far?

So far having my music video win awards and be accepted into film festivals all around the world — it was at American Track Music Awards, Bellingham Music Film Festival, International Music Video Underground, West End Film Festival and Simply Shorts: World Cinema. Also, completing JADE and experiencing the amazing process that it has been to make.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

My major project at the moment is JADE and refining our post production process to ensure we produce a high quality film that will be accepted into festivals worldwide. In addition to that, I am working on the feature development of JADE with producer Demi Bird as well as completing various corporate jobs and music videos for my business, Alegna Entertainment.

Can you share an artist or three that inspires you:

  • Sofia Coppola’s directorial vision in Virgin Suicides is inspiring, dynamic and taught me to see things in film in a different way, which I hope to incorporate in my own work.
  • Steven Spielberg: I love how he reveals a character within a scene and always has the audience on their toes, never quite sure what will happen next.
  • I am in awe of Adele and one of my passions is to collaborate with her on a project one day. Her overall music has inspired a lot of scenes in my work but her music video, Hello directed by another one of my favourite directors, Xavier Dolan was simply incredible and moving.



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