We chat with animator and SAE lecturer Tim Kitevski

Tim Kitevski is a passionate animator who leads the department at SAE Perth. We chat with Tim about the future of animation.
SAE lecturer Tim Kitevski
Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea in your creative work practice.

A couple of years ago when I developed a small-scale game project solo, I was incredibly challenged in my thoughts around the difficulty of such an endeavour. It was both a confirmation of the challenge and a reassurance that it was something that is possible to overcome with enough time, focus and energy placed into the process. In the end, I was happy with the results, but ultimately I now know I can do so much bigger and better!

List the top 3 attributes you appreciate in creative industry professionals.
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Ability to think outside of the box for solutions
  • Be personable! (collaborative work is always better when you can get along with your colleagues)
Tim Kitevski -
It was both a confirmation of the challenge and a reassurance that it was something that is possible to overcome with enough time, focus and energy placed into the process.
Name an emerging use of technology in the creative industries and why it’s a game-changer.

I have been involved in the use of real-time (video game-based) engines for many years now (going back to the original Half-Life 1 engine) and I have always thought there was unexplored and untapped potential in their ability to enhance a range of areas of digital entertainment (game-based or otherwise).

With what we are now currently capable of achieving natively inside such engines as Unreal (4 and now it’s released, Unreal Engine 5) there is a huge potential for incredible visual results in a shorter time.

Who inspires you?

A fellow Perthian and good friend of mine, Adam Fisher is a massively inspiring artist for me. I worked alongside him in a previous job and his passion and drive were always on show, but now he has moved into freelance character art production, it’s next level. He’s been gracious enough to come to campus and share some of his experiences and even do some workshops for the students (and for my benefit too if I’m honest). I point my students to him for how one can be successful as a solo artist.

What makes the creative industries you work in so worthwhile?

Working in the Animation/Computer Graphics industries (VFX/Games/Simulation/XR etc) is an incredibly stimulating career.

Not a day will go by, without you not being challenged or needing to stretch your skillset in new directions and to be willing and able to learn new and different skills.

It is also a lot of work and requires dedication and commitment. If you have a passion and desire for creating amazing worlds, characters, and stories, you should definitely consider Animation as a career.

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