Meet SAE games lecturer Matthew Dyet

Meet games lecturer Matthew Dyet from SAE Perth.

Meet game designer and SAE games lecturer, Matthew Dyet. Matt is based out of SAE Perth campus.

Matt shares his thoughts on emerging technologies in the games industry and who inspires him within his own professional practice.

Matthew Dyet -
"Games are a young medium within the creative industries, which opens up huge potential for new ideas and concepts that have never been considered before."
Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea in your creative work practice.

I challenged the belief that leadership always knows best for studio direction.

The games industry is full of incredibly talented, smart individuals. They are experts in their field.

It can be a failing of a team if a leader believes they always know better than the contributions made by its members. In my opinion, the responsibility of a leader is to hear out the voices of every member of the team. Underestimating collective knowledge of a team is how many studios fail.

List the top 3 attributes you appreciate in creative industry professionals.
  1. Flexibility: Knowing when to seek alternate solutions for problems.
  2. Problem Solving: Knowing where to seek solutions for problems.
  3. Approachable: Leaving people with a feeling of support and respect under any circumstance.
Name an emerging use of technology in the creative industries and why it’s a game-changer.

As hardware becomes miniaturised, the ability for game developers to make more complex and impressive games.

We first saw this happening with mobile phones, but now we see it happening more and more with devices like the Nintendo Switch and virtual reality headsets. This is a trend we will see continuing well into the future.

Who inspires you?

Brenda Romero is a multi-award winning Game Designer and activist, pushing in particular against censorship and for sex positivism in games and media. In addition to being the designer on games such as “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Commander” and “Empire of Sin”, she’s developed a series of physical games called “The Mechanic is the Message”, which intends to convey the value of games as a communication device for challenging concepts.

Anything else?

Games are a young medium within the creative industries, which opens up huge potential for new ideas and concepts that have never been considered before.

The industry is incredibly supportive and intertwined, and it’s always a great opportunity to participate in game jams when you’re first starting off to meet some like-minded developers to work with.

Check out Matthew’s Work

Matt was awarded a Screenwest game development grant project called “Oh My AI”.

Synopsis: Go on a captchavating adventure and solve over 100 unique puzzles generated by our quirky AI, Omi! Learn to see the world the way AI does with image, word, and number puzzles in this game inspired by AI, the 90’s, and the constant need to prove you’re not a robot.

Check it out on Steam

Student and Lecturer with Gaming Computer. SAE Brisbane

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