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Did you know the cultural and creative industries in Australia are worth an estimated $91 billion? If you’re thinking about carving out a successful career in this rapidly growing sector, SAE’s new Bachelor of Creative Industries course will provide you with the skills, tools and connections to succeed in the industry. We caught up with Creative Industries Course Leader, Dr Sean Foran to chat about the new degree.
A multidisciplinary creative industries work set including film, audio, music, performance, project managing and directing.

Hi Sean, can you tell us a bit about the Bachelor of Creative Industries and what it covers?

This course covers a combination of hands-on creative skills in multiple disciplines, plus a strong understanding of entrepreneurial processes and creative business practices. This combination gives students the skills to integrate themselves into an array of different roles in the creative industries or wider fields.

An important focus in the course is entrepreneurship and business understanding within creative projects. Students will learn about practical project management, and how to implement their creative skill set, manage virtual and real projects, while being a self-sustaining business professional.

What sort of creative professionals would this course suit?

It’s aimed at creatives from a variety of backgrounds. If they want to start their own business or work in a creative capacity where they need an array of skills – like a knowledge of social media, project management, be able to work with a film camera, understand lighting, and audio production – this course is ideal for them.

Whether they are self-employed or working for a business where it’s their job to create content, manage events and digital platforms, we hone in on the communication skills needed to write convincingly in a marketing context.

What excites you about this course?

I think it’s fantastic that students get to learn practical skills across multiple disciplines. This cross discipline and multi platform skillset is crucial in an evolving media landscape. They will get to go into the fundamentals of design, audio production, immersive art, responsive media, and also learn about filmmaking and editing using new and progressive technologies.

I love that they’ll be working with a mentor and get to experience life on placement at a business. Getting that feedback from professionals in the industry will be invaluable for their development, and will set them up for success once they graduate.

What experience from the industry are you looking forward to sharing?

Part of the process as a creative professional is to work across different forms and collaborate with other people; that’s been a huge part of my industry experience.

I also look forward to sharing strategies for effective project management. Running multiple projects as a creative professional is common practice, and we’ll help students understand how to kick start ideas and craft their innovative work.

I’m really excited to get students to think creatively and out of the box. We have the latest equipment and software at SAE, so I want them to bring those crazy ideas to life!

What are some of the careers that students could pursue upon graduation?

There’s a whole array of different avenues graduates could explore, but they’ll be professionals who’ve got a sound understanding of creative content and the management aspect of that, so they could become a Creative Director, Content Producer, Creative Project Manager or Digital Project Lead for instance.

In addition they may already have an existing career in the film or music industry, but this course will expand their current skill set and provide them with further opportunities to broaden their horizons into other industries.

There’s a lot of research on what we call embedded creatives – people that are creative professionals, working in other business industries to create content, and businesses value that to promote their services.

Do students need to have any specific skills or knowledge prior to starting the Bachelor of Creative Industries?

Students don’t have to start with a knowledge of multiple disciplines, as they’ll learn those skills and develop that understanding on the course. As long as they come with a love and some experience within one creative discipline, an appreciation for digital technology, and an interest in the business aspect of the creative industries, that will give them a great platform to begin with.

Students working on a film set with multiple creative media

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