An SAE story – from game player to graduate

Jacquie Holdaway is a talented games developer who graduated from SAE Sydney. While studying the Bachelor of Games Development (Games Design), Jacquie contributed to her campus and her fellow students through the Student Council.
Student story. Text reads Student edition

She also regularly participated in student events and was a member of the gaming enthusiast group, the Gameplayers Society.

We chatted with Jacquie about her work in games and her love of meeting new people and shared experiences through gameplay.

– Student Edition –

NAME: Jacqueline Holdaway
DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Games Development (Games Design)


What did you most enjoy about studying at SAE?

While studying at SAE, I enjoyed being on campus and being surrounded by so many creative people with similar interests. I enjoyed the various events hosted on campus and the opportunity to meet new people. I enjoyed the creative environment and was able to learn more about myself.

What is the best thing you got out of studying?

At SAE I was able to learn the basics of game design and was able to develop my skills and knowledge as I worked. Through project work, I have learned a lot about teamwork, remote working and my area of expertise within games development. Overall I was able to learn more about myself, gain confidence in my skills and really come to understand game development, falling in love with games even more.

Had you studied previously?

No, I came to SAE after taking a short break after high school with no work experience.

What did you enjoy most about Games Development?

I enjoyed learning about and gaining a deeper understanding of game theory as well as the game development process. I loved seeing how it all works together to create meaningful and lasting gameplay experiences. The more I learned about games the more I felt that this was right for me.

What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of?

I have worked on a few projects while at SAE and I am most proud of my major project Realm Keeper. It is a cartoon-style roguelike fantasy dungeon crawler that has three playable characters, six enemies, two of which are bosses with two playable levels, and a hub world. In this project, I worked on the game design, level design & grey boxing, the UI & UX design, and created the logo for the game.

You can find the project at:


Could you please tell us a little about what your involvement was with SAE campus life?

I was a member of the Student Council while I was a student at SAE. I often helped set up and organised student events.
These included the End of Trimester Parties, Speed Friending, LAN Party and a Zoom Kahoot Trivia Night. I also co-hosted the Drawing Club and spoke to prospective students at Info Night and Career Expos.

During my time at SAE, a group of student council leaders started a club called the Gameplayer Society.

In this club, we played various board games and had fun. The club was advertised through posters around campus and posts made to the SAE Sydney Students Facebook group. Anyone could join and people could vote on what board games to play.

Anyone could join and they could just show up.

I really enjoyed participating in the Gameplayer Society because I met so many people in SAE and it was a great way to come together and socialise.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?

You don’t have to know anything coming to SAE but you need to have the dedication and drive to learn and make the most of what SAE has to offer.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with current students?

Make the most of your time at SAE, meet people, network and get involved with the community.

Take opportunities that arise as these are chances to apply your skills and gain more experience. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them and improve.

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