Industry Insights | Designing the Future


Sep 30 2021 | 5:00PM - 7:00PM

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Industry Insights | Designing the Future

Sep 30 2021 | 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Co-hosted with Immerse Australia, SAE Perth presents an exclusive Industry Insights session with VR XR award-winning artist Natalie Marinho Founder and Creative Director Voyant AR, Gareth Lockett - Founder of Frame Labs, and Peter Carey VR Developer for Zarmada. Hear all about the VR and XR Industry and how you can start building XR experiences yourself … We'll also get to hear where Natalie, Gareth & Peter feel the industry is going and insider tips!

If there’s one thing this industry teaches you, it’s to leap at opportunities when they are in front of you.

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Industry Insights at SAE | Guest speakers

Natalie Marinho of Voyant AR

Natalie Marinho (Voyant AR)

Natalie is Founder and Creative Director at Voyant Augmented Reality. She is also Chair of Immerse Australia, a member-driven association representing the interests of the immersive technology industry in Australia and a committee member of Design_Freo.

As an Augmented Reality (AR) Designer with an insatiable curiosity for people and technology, she believes that immersive technologies represent the next major shift in human-computer interaction. She is particularly interested in how AR can be used to enhance user experience with technology and develop new modes of political and artistic expression.

Born in Perth, she is of Filipino, Portuguese and Spanish descent and has lived and worked in London, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Singapore. Her diverse working background includes augmented reality, user experience design, gamification, and digital content production. Natalie has been an invited speaker and panellist on technology, games and augmented reality. She has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology with a minor in Anthropology) and a Masters in International Relations.

Gareth Lockett of Frame VR

Gareth Lockett (Frame Labs)

Gareth is one of the founders of Frame Labs and heads up a team of talented creatives and technical virtual reality pioneers.

With over 25 years of experience in the digital media and animation industries, Gareth brings not only his extensive technical and professional skills to the team but also a burning passion to create and deliver captivating stories and mind-blowing experiences to the next generation of audiences.

As a Technical Director, Gareth has worked on a variety of projects across the arts, training, and entertainment sectors for clients such as Palace Cinemas, SBS, Melbourne International Film Festival, WA Maritime Museum, Murdoch University, Scitech, Weerianna Street Media, Aurora Labs, and XRWA Festival.

Throughout his career, Gareth has taught digital media at several institutes, including; WA School of Art Design and Media, North Metropolitan TAFE, the Film and Television Institute, and SAE Institute Perth.

Gareth currently oversees the internship program at Frame Labs.

Peter Carey of Zarmada

Peter Carey (Zarmada)

Peter has worked as a VR developer in the Perth region for more than 7 years. After graduating from SAE with a Bachelor of Games Design, he worked a variety of indie jobs for companies such as Sciosity and Frame VR. The skills he learnt from these companies secured him stable work with St John Ambulance, working as a VR developer for their Product Development team.

Peter worked as a developer for St John for 3 years and recently moved to work as a contractor for Zarmada, an innovation solutions provider.

While working at St John, he also commenced his Master of Creative Industries and is due to graduate later this year. Peter specialises in VR interaction mechanic design and development. He is passionate about creating VR experiences that can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level or disability. In the future, he hopes to actively engage with the emerging industry of Brain-Computer Interfaces and utilise the amazing amount of research and resources within this area to create universal input for games and experiences. In his spare time,

Peter is currently teaching himself basic robotics and IoT development, as well as working on a set of game projects labelled 'The Eternal Series'

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