What do I need to bring for my course?

Do I need to bring my laptop?

You are not required to have your own laptop and should not worry if you do not already have one when you arrive.  All SAE campuses have Apple Mac computers available for use in each classroom and you can also book computers in the library.  However, if you already own a laptop and are able to bring it to Australia with you, that is probably the best option.

What software should I buy?

The computers on campus have all the required software already installed for your course requirements. It is not recommended to purchase any software for your course before you arrive, as it may not be necessary.  We also encourage students to try other software they may prefer, rather than insisting that you can only use one type. If you want to purchase your own software, it’s best to discuss your needs with your class teachers after you start your course.  

What operating system will I need?

Most software used in your course can be installed on either Apple Mac or Windows operating systems.  SAE do not favour any particular system and encourages students to choose their preferred.

Is there anything else I need to purchase?

SAE do not use textbooks however if you would like to purchase any specific texts, get some advice from your class teachers after you arrive.

Students taking audio subjects are advised to purchase a good quality set of studio headphones (over-ear).  We don’t insist on a particular brand but our teachers are happy to give you some advice when you arrive. General advice is to get the best quality that you can reasonably afford on your budget.   

Purchasing technology and equipment in Australia

Some technology may be more expensive to purchase in Australia compared to overseas.  Although prices vary, you can get an approximate idea of prices in Australia, by checking out some of the large, popular retailers such as:

Student discounts

Discounts for SAE student card holders are available from some stores. You will receive your student ID card at orientation and receive more information about discounts.