Meet the Masters – student Johann Dreyer

We feature a student in this week's Meet The Masters series - Johann Dreyer.
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Johann speaks to us about postgraduate study at SAE and his capstone project, an online music-making app for children to promote emotional regulation and recognition.

– Student Edition –

NAME: Johann Dreyer
CAMPUS: Online

Why did you decide to study the Master of Creative Industries?

I always wanted to do a Masters’s course and when I learned about the cross-stream collaborations and projects in the Master of Creative Industries, I knew it was the right course for me.

What is your previous career experience/background?

I grew up Dj’ing and making mixtapes and only much later in my life decided to formalize my education and practice in the music industry.

I came to Australia to complete a bachelor’s program and got heavily involved in the electronic music scene, doing live techno and forming a live electronic band called We Play Machines.

What is your capstone project?

I developed an online music-making app for children to promote emotional regulation and recognition.

I was motivated to create the project as I have lived experience with Autism and wanted to create a tool that could assist children living with autism, particularly around emotional recognition.

Using design thinking I designed, developed, and prototyped the application, then I used my music production background to make the musical elements.

What are your career goals for the future?

I would like to continue developing tools for young people to encourage wellbeing and emotional development through sound and music.

What drew you to work within the creative industries?

Being creative makes us feel good! I wanted to experience that every day and I also want to share that with people who may not get the opportunity to experience that.

How does completing the SAE postgraduate program online suit your lifestyle?

It was very convenient to have classes online and still have access to campus equipment when needed.

What are your top three tips for working online?
  1. Be organised. Organise your time and tasks well, set time aside for working on studies vs doing other social stuff online.
  2. Start your assignments early.
  3. Break your work into smaller bite sizes and do a little bit every day, setting achievable goals.
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