Jill supports work internships and placements at SAE Byron Bay

Meet Jill Moonie, SAE Industry Liaison Coordinator from SAE Byron Bay. We chatted with Jill about her love of working with students and industry and assisting students to fulfil their work placement requirements and graduate outcomes.
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What’s your background?

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Education from City Art Institute – Sydney (now COFA University of NSW) and a Bachelor of Film & TV Production & Direction from AFTRS.

Share a hobby

Mosaics – I started making them a couple of years ago.

Where is the first place you would visit when overseas travel resumes?

Actually I’m keen to get to Uluru before the borders open up to International travellers; beyond that I’d love to visit Turkey, especially the caves of Cappadocia and travel on or around the Black Sea to Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Who inspires you?

I’m a sucker for Rufus the Couch Kangaroo and Wombat Wednesday on Facebook!

How would you describe your opportunities to interact and engage with students at SAE?

I am very fortunate to get to know all the Bachelor students as I guide them through the Work Placement and preparation of their professional profiles and documents they need before they step out into the industry.

What are some of the qualities you bring to students?

My previous experience as an emerging professional stepping out into the creative industries aligns with many of the issues they will face. My experience building a career in various facets of the industry. I have worked in screen, media and the arts in various capacities; freelancing as a writer/ director; senior producer at a funding body; consultant to government; manager of a regional screen agency; consulting to regional creatives, and teaching in art & screen industry disciplines. My aim is to build the students’ experience and confidence.

What do you most enjoy about your role as an ILC?

I love the diversity of the Industry Liaison Coordinator role, no two days or trimesters are ever the same. I enjoy the passion, creativity and drive of the students and working with staff who are industry focussed and sharing their passion with the students.

The Byron Bay SAE campus has a great vibe and is a beautiful space to work in. I also enjoy building and maintaining relationships with creative industry professionals, businesses and events in the region. SAE is well regarded here and the students get to do some very cool work placements.

Can you offer any advice for students seeking to gain employment or work placement opportunities?

Make the most of your time at SAE Creative Media; find your tribe, hone your skills and make stuff all the time; use the facilities; put your hand up and volunteer for local events. Be reliable, communicate effectively, be the person that crews welcome because you are adaptable, ask questions and use your initiative.

How do you practice problem-solving in your role at SAE?

If an issue arises, I talk to others, toss ideas around, accept advice – we are not in this alone. My advice for students: staff are here to help, ask for support, talk to your peers, think about other ways to tackle problems or just another more positive lens to view the issue. Creativity is all about solving problems.

What advice do you have for new students on how they can set themselves up for success at SAE?

Be proactive, time management is the biggest issue for new students, talk to lecturers and don’t leave things until the last minute.

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