Father and son bond levels up through studying games

Natan and Noran Linggod are a father and son duo who are studying for a Bachelor of Games Development at SAE's Brisbane campus.
Father and son learning game programming

In this interview they share how this unique experience came about, the perks of studying together and whether they’ll be starting a family-run games publisher.

Noran says he’s never heard of two family members studying together. “It was funny because when we both got our schedules and found out we’d be in the same classroom, we were not sure what to think,” Noran said.

“It has its benefits from a transport perspective, and if one of us is away, the other can make notes to cover the class,” Noran added.

Initially, Noran was studying creative writing on the Sunshine Coast. After moving home to study audio at SAE, Noran found his real passion lay elsewhere, when he took a keen interest in Natan’s games course work. “I was looking at what Dad was doing and was really curious about it,” Noran said.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing video games, but until recently I hadn’t thought too much about the importance of games and appreciating them as a media that can engage with people on an interactive level.”

Noran says he has his Dad to thank. “I’m fortunate that Dad was studying a subject I am passionate about. I now want to create my own stories in the gaming industry.”

Father, Natan commented that he and Noran have a close relationship, so the experience has been akin to a friendship. “As we live together, we help each other out on projects after class and ask each other for advice – we’re good mates,” Natan said.

Previously Natan worked in IT and more recently as a warehouse worker. Now he wants to put his passion into practice in the gaming industry. “I want to get into tabletop games. I found a lot of the skills I’ve learnt at SAE translate well into that arena,” Natan said.

If you’re wondering if the father and son duo will collaborate and start a family business in the gaming industry once they graduate, Noran reveals their paths may lead on different journeys at this stage. “I’m a bit different to Dad, as I’m more into single player games that have a story thread,” Noran said.

“I’d love to work at an indie games publisher down the track, but who knows what the future holds – maybe we’ll work together one day!”

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