Bluey sound designer Dan Brumm gives back to SAE through masterclass

They say that sharing your knowledge is one of the greatest ways to inspire creativity and innovation among young people. This is especially true of Dan Brumm, an SAE graduate, and an accomplished sound designer and voiceover artist for the Emmy Award-winning show, Bluey, and the critically acclaimed Godspeed. Dan recently held a masterclass for SAE students, where he shared insights from his thriving career and offered valuable perspectives on his work on one of the world's most streamed shows.
Blue sound designer Dan Brumm looking at camera

Having graduated from SAE with a qualification in audio, Dan is passionate about supporting the next generation of sound designers who are looking to build successful careers.

“I really think there’s a lot of value in giving back, particularly when I’ve been fortunate enough to have that experience,” Dan shared. “Back in 2003 I had the opportunity at SAE to access Pro Tools in the studio, which at the time wasn’t available at home. I absorbed it all, and to this day I still remember writing down some of the shortcut keys – it was a great introduction into sound.”


Dan was speaking to SAE students online, as part of a sound design for animation masterclass. In it, he said his career, which first started in radio, hadn’t been easy, however “anything can happen through hard work and determination”. Then in 2015, Dan’s brother, Joe, made a film about a dog which changed everything.

“The short, which eventually became ‘The Weekend’ in series one of Bluey, piqued the interest of a lot of production houses, including Ludo. Then it got aired at the Asian Pacific Film Festival and it blew everyone away. We had heads of networks in tears, which led to the BBC picking it up.”

Having been involved in all 151 episodes of the hit animation, Dan explained how his role impacts the storytelling and revealed the unique approach to sound on the show.

“The fundamental part of being a sound designer is trying to support the story that the director is telling through key sound choices.”

“Joe wanted the sounds of Bluey to reflect the very grounded and naturalistic aspects of the show. We wanted the sound design to be as real as possible, which would help give weight to the beautifully stylised animations.”


Alongside his role as a sound designer, Dan has had a 15-year international career as a voiceover artist, which has included voicing Uncle Stripe in Bluey. The two roles, Dan said, go hand in hand.

“Being a sound designer helps you get voiceover roles because you’re managing the audio with a lot of creatives that hire voiceover artists, so they get to know you. They are two separate jobs, but they do intersect in a lot of ways,” Dan explained.

As the younger brother in his family, Dan added that he resonates with the Uncle Stripe character, who reflects a lot of fathers doing their best for their families.

“I like playing Stripe because Bandit [the older brother] is the perfect dad character. Stripe hasn’t got all the answers yet, and I feel like he’s representative of all of us dads that are trying their best and don’t get things right all the time.”

For those students who are just starting out in sound, Dan explained his editing process and emphasised the importance of honing your instincts.

“If I’m editing an episode of a show, I’ll park it and come back the next day with fresh ears, and if the sound isn’t right, it will immediately stand out,” he said. When you haven’t got much experience it’s hard to know if something sounds good, but I would just learn to trust your instincts.”

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