Man wearing plaid shirt. David Kucynski
" Even though it has only been four short months since graduating, I feel that SAE gave me the tools and knowledge to be an audio professional "


David Kuczynski graduated from SAE Brisbane in December 2014 with a Bachelor of Audio. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works for Venice Beach production company Durable Goods where he is the in-house Sound Designer and Production Assistant, working with clients such as Diet Coke, Dell Computers and other local and international brands.

Are you able to shed some light on how studying at SAE lead you to where you are now?
The skills I learned at SAE have given me the confidence to put myself out in the industry and start to shape a career I know I’ll be working in until I’m retired. Even though it has only been four short months since graduating, I feel that SAE gave me the tools and knowledge to be an audio professional. I’m looking forward to a bright future in the industry.

What are your career highlights?
During my time at Durable Goods I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really exiting projects, but don’t get me wrong, I still make coffee for clients and take out the trash and run errands. Day to day in our Venice Beach based office I do sound design for companies like Diet Coke, Dell Computers and other international/national companies, composing music tracks or doing full sound design for advertising campaigns.

I have also worked on personal projects such as independent feature films, short films and even music videos. The job has taken me to locations like Mammoth Mountains in Northern California, road tripped from New York City via Miami and back to LA collecting samples for my sound design Library and have also been to the Universal, Warner Bros and Red Studios sound stages and prop houses. I got to admit the road trip was more of a personal project but being able to combine work with a personal project was very satisfying and rewarding in a creative context.

What are some of your goals for the future?
Some of the goals I have set will be to work underneath other established sound designers and keep gaining valuable industry experience to help my own professional growth and one day work on a big budget motion picture. It’s been really inspiring to have the support from my family especially my mum (I know it sounds lame) but she really pushes me to be happy with the career I have chosen and make the most of the opportunities that are presented.

What advice would you give to students aspiring to become successful in their field?
I really believe it just takes the right attitude to succeed in this business and putting in the hard work will pay off in the long run.

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