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" Less than 6 months after completing the bachelor degree of film I found a job in the industry. I am currently working at TVSN. "


I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film production in 2018. I started this degree with no idea where I wanted to go with my career. After working on many projects and exploring many roles I have gravitated towards directing and producing. Currently I am working for a live shopping channel; TVSN as a floor coordinator. My goal is to grow within the company and gain more experience in either directing or producing.

What inspired you to enter into the career you’re in?
In high school a teacher encouraged me to be more involved with the school and be a part of both the year 12 yearbook committee and end of year video committee. My passion for screen and media grew from there. I enjoyed creating our videos and yearbook. When it was time to apply for university I was still unsure what career path I wanted to take and saw a film course and applied straight away. I never knew that it could ever be an option.

What are your fondest memories of your time at SAE?
My fondest memories would be the amazing friends I have made collaborating through the disciplines. Meeting new people and being able to work on projects as if they were real jobs was a great experience that has helped me with many projects since then.

Are you able to shed some light on how studying at SAE lead you to where you are now?
During my course I was very fortunate to be a part of Energy Groove where I did part of my internship. I was filming the live bands organised by the radio hosts. Out of all of my experience with SAE I believe that working with Energy Groove really helped me grow and gain real job experiences.

The fast paced aspect of filming the bands live to air performances has helped me adapt to TVSN as it is live TV. What are your career highlights? I started my university degree in 2016 with no idea where I was going to end up or if it was a good idea to enter a creative field. However less than 6 months after completing the bachelor degree of film I found a job in the industry. I am currently working at TVSN.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I have a full time Job with TVSN as a floor coordinator. As an entry level Job I have been learning a lot about many different roles within the company including operating remote cameras during live hours which I have been recently training on. I am also freelancing creating music videos for local music artists as well as occasionally continuing to help Energy Groove radio with the live to air videos.

What advice would you give to students aspiring to become successful in their field?
Working in film is very team based. You need to be able to work with many different types of people and creative ideas. My main advice while studying at SAE is to try and work on as many projects outside your class requirements. The experience you will gain outside of course requirements (internships, personal projects, projects for others) will help with your course work as well.

Another piece of advice would be to not give up and experience each role to have more of an understanding of how each job is relevant and important to the film.

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